Halldor Jonsson

is a really cleverly set up scam company.

I ran into them when on a vacation in the US. They advertised a thing called the NightHawk system. which would scalp the Aasian markets at night making you money. A person that called himself Max Stocki talked me into putting up 2000 dollars and they would add a 1000 dollar bonus and the account that would grow automatically with the trading system.

The system only looses money and is just an instrument for the company to pile up losses. You can not withdraw anything nor can you get to talk to anybody in accounting to stop the nonsense because they are always in meeting and assistants offer to set up appointments with them which of course never happen.

Of course I just feel like the idiot I was to enter in the first place, they were not listed as bad on the Scamadviser.com | check a website for risk | check if dodgey | check is a website s |check website is fake or a scam, so I just went along. I fully realize that I have been taken by deliberate crooks and will never see anything of the money again. The Nighthawk system has been loosing most of the trades entered so the account is almost down to nothing and that will be the end of it if they will not try to withdraw more from my credit card which number they have. Maybe I should close the card as a precaution.

The CEO for Spotfn is listed as a Mr. John Kingsley. I wrote to him a registered letter to which he never replied. The letter follows here:

Mr. John Kingsley
Tower 42
25 Old Broad St. 6/F
London, EC2N 1HN
United Kingdom

April11th 2014

Re : Dealings with Spotfn and NightHawk system

While in the US on vacation I ran into your company. A Mr. Max Stocki approached me and talked me into investing and teeming up with the system NightHawk.

After initial contact he phoned me and got me increase the investment for better results. He showed me first results at that time which were good so I consented. Now I think these were not true.

Since that I have not been able to reach him, neither by emails, phone or messages. I have not been able to get contact with anybody from accounting although I finished all documents required in due time. I have been on the chat but all they do is offering repeatedly to set up appointments for accounting to call me which they never do.

My plea for a stop of the trading by the NightHawk, which steadily looses most trades and withdrawals requests remain unanswered. Now it has lost a 1/3 of the initial amount and by this rate all we be lost soon.

Either this is a single misfortune I am personally encountering or Spotfn is not what it seems as a company. I think I write this letter to you in an old fashioned way to let you know my feelings towards the company and the products I purchased.

I tried to repeatedly to terminate the business but as can be seen from the copy it is hindered by the company. Now I get report after report that every trade is lost and I can just watch my account being slowly but surely reduced. Nothing I can do. Nobody can be reached to stop this.

My confidence in the company is seriously shaken. I do hope that you as the CEO will be able and want to do something to restore this.


The website looks very nice. There are chat-persons who offer to assist, they have much adoo about verifying identities and such. All very cleverly set up. But no matter what, beware.This is a black hole.

I have just been taken and that is that. These people will just continue and the last fool is not born yet. I have found good companies to deal with and I am older and wiser now.

Remember: www.SpotFn.com and Mr. Max Stocki A black hole awaits you. Beware!


Scam Advisor isn't bad as a part of your due diligence, but shouldn't be the beginning and end of determining if a site is safe investment.

How did you deposit?

Ian Wong

SpotFN is a crook . See my report here: