I invested 3000$ with three months contract with 5% return. For two months went fantastic third month they told me i won lottery 100% with condition not to withdraw another 3 months and 300 lots i refuse to take and submit withdrawal before 4 days of contract expiry and told them to stop trading on my account which they confirmed but not follow and when the account was going vanish i did conversation and agree to save the account add bonus but they will responsible for the trades they open but they didnt and later told me after 10 days that they will add another 100% bonus for compensation of (missunderstanding) now to trade 650 lots. Also they block my trading account i am submitting only two pages now wiill rest latter my intention to save other from losses by investing these kind of companies now i already submitted dispute which will take time if i will able to get money or not but till then i want to inform every one about this company to save them from losses. I also send letters to Hong Kong and Swiss regulators since they mentioned office there about matter because i understood and even they told me that i will never get what i invested


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Scroll down to the bottom of the page on their site. "Swiss" Main claims to have an office in Cyprus and to be linked to a company in Vanuatu.

They are as Swiss as the Swiss Cheese I buy at the grocery store - it's made in Wisconsin.

How did you deposit?
through visa debit i already make dispute but dont know will it work according to broker i will never get my investment but the trasaction is sitll in 90 Days period first they pause trading instrument then account and they told me if i go public their lawyer will deal with me its third scame with me first www.fxntrade.com then www.myoption.com this is recent looks like i am too bad choosing broker now i am thinking may be the banks involve in this kind of business since they have display on their website if its so easy to display i am going to contact their legal department bring this in their notice i send them the form i download from here and told them i am going public to save other investors since then they block my account i check their mobile app in google play all the review was from their own no one else i try but it was blocked by them


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It is the top of brazenness in the financial frauds and scams. The are guilty and must go to jail.