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my name is Neculai and I was scammed by an unregulated broker named UKOPTIONS.com.

Last month I opened an account with them and deposited 250 pounds, I did not started yet to open positions but on 4 April I noticed that my balance was 240 not 250. today when I logged in my account the balance was 185 than I checked the investment history and I seen a lot of positions opened (not by me).
They open positions instead of me and try to lose my 250 pounds.

I tried to contact them many times but is impossible to speak with someone. They have an Live Chat only to leads the people in error no one is there to answer. I called many times but they dont answer on the phone numbers listed on the website.

Ukoptions is pure SCAM please stay away from this fake broker because you will never seen any money back from them.

I know that I will never seen any money back from these cowards but I will try to made them as much damage I can and to avoid that other people fall in their trap.

This week I will create an video with their scam scheme and post it on my youtube channel, also do some socials pages with all proofs. I will call Neteller (method used to deposit) to complain about their scam client.
As this ''broker'' is not regulated I want some advices from you guys when I can open complains.
I want to mention that I'm from Italy.


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If you check the stickied threads at the top of this folder, one has links to regulators in all countries. It's also worthwhile to submit your evidence to eConsumer.gov If you do that, post your case number so others can reference it.

Send the link to this thread to UKOptions and invite them to join this thread