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Hello, I am one of the developers who compose the staff of x9soft, and I happy to see that you decided to create a topic about our software.
The project we are developing has more than 5 years of work and study of forex market. We started by building an EA who could "think" for herself. The development of artificial intelligence is not easy. To build software with artificial intelligence, is necessary to create a network of "neuron" in the form of arrays and variables in the same way that a human brain has. A cell of our brain cannot do anything alone, but if this cell is connected to thousands of others, is created the "thought" and "intelligence" that distinguishes us from other animals.
We tried to replicate it in this EA, and he has several systems that automatically increase or decrease the amount of memory (cells) depending on the type of calculations that it requires.
This is only our first project, but we have much more ideas, like indicators with, or, without artificial intelligence.
But the company is able to create much more software, like internet or computer software.
We are 2 programmers, one is a programmer of robotic machines such as those working in the car industry, the other is a software engineer and internet systems.
The EA is known as iRobotEA, has 32 available indicators for open/close orders, automatic calculation of investment risk and place automatically Stop Loss or Take Profit values.
Although there are many indicators, is only possible to make combinations in a maximum of 9, this limitation exists to not overload the CPU.
Anyone can do combinations of indicators, indicators conditions with "and" or "or" and also connect these conditions between indicators.
The choice is yours.Possibilities are endless.
The next step is to add all the indicators that come originally in Metatrader 4, increasing the number of indicators available to more than 60.
iRobotEA is in beta release, it's not recommended to use it on real accounts.
We invite all to test and search sets to this EA.
Doubts can be placed here, everyone will have our help.

Special thanks to the administrators of this forum..
The programmer NQ.



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