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From what I see the robot will take small profits of 3-5 pips when available and let a losing position run for 60 pips. If price does not recover and give the desired profit it will "freeze" the position by opening a trade in the opposite direction. So if price continues for another 200 pips without recovering you will have a losing position of -260 pips and a winning position of 200 pips (still 60 pips in loss). The robot will patiently wait till price finally recovers (after 1 week, 1 month, 1 year) to finally make the desired 3-5 pips profit. It will keep trading the pairs. So it is not a bad idea after all, as long as your broker allows you to hedge your positions and does not charge you too much in commissions for your open trades


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Maximal drawdown 8063.09 (71.64%)

I think on long term trading does not this EA.
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