Xemarkets is a regulated Scam Broker


Could this be a quirk in their system? For example, you enter a pending buy at 1.0000 and it slips one pip (entry at 1.00010) and they "correct" the pending order to show the post-slippage price.

Master Yoda

It's very hard to judge based on the evidence we have here. It's all about the MT4 settings and virtual dealer settings, with harsh virtual dealer you can expect this to happen.
You need to take out the IP of this action, as there is a possibility they are right in the point of slippage but as for a possible scam I am not quite sure.
Take in note this is a regulated company and they won't think many times before doing such an action.
So what I am suggesting is to ask for the following:
1. An official email from the company explaining this
2. IP log for this action
3. Slippage report.
Out of my experience, it's very unlikely the company will share with you 2 and 3 on base of confidentiality, I guess they will share with you a log that everything is ok from their end.
Give it a try and let's see.
Good luck!


Me too,I looked at the ratings about this broker and it's all good...but I didn't realized about this post...luckily they blow their cover after my few several trades...I also wanna file a case on xemarkets...


XM.com Representative
Dear Danzaimar,

Regarding your inquiry about execution prices of your orders, I would like to clarify that your orders were executed at different prices because of the slippage. Also, I would like to inform you and all the FPA members that XEMarkets neither modifies orders nor uses any software for this purpose as implied in certain posts of this thread. However, on very rare occasions orders may be executed with a slippage.

In volatile market conditions (i.e. during market-moving news events, or particularly in active markets) orders get executed at requested price if prices have not moved in the accepted latency times. However, when the price has moved significantly, you will be filled at the best price available. This can work out to be either in your favor or against it. Moreover, spreads may also widen and this can affect the opening price of an order.

Please read more details about our execution policy here: http://www.xemarkets.com/pdf/docs/XEMarkets-Order-Execution-Policy.pdf

As for your order that was executed above the Take Profit level, I kindly ask you to contact our Customer Support as this seems to be an error and even with a slippage the execution price should not have exceeded the Take Profit level.

Thank you

Carol P. – Official Representative of XEMarkets (Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd).