XM.com (was Trading-Point.com, was XEMarkets.com)


i opened a buy stop for 1.33675 with trailing stop of 4 pips.
14:36:26 '57107': order was opened : #20021593 buy stop 1.00 EURUSD at 1.33675 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000

but this order was opened at a price of 1.33728. which is 5.xx pips above this price and due to this bad execution this position is currently running in loss. i told this to constantinos he said he will investigate this and get me back, i even told him that i am not going to close this position and i want my money back.

if the order was hit on my price and i wouldnt have been able to close this position i would have gotten out on breakeven due to trailing stop. Seriously this is really bad execution.

i hope xemarkets will get this issue and imburse my money back.


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This broker is a scam artist. They did unauthorised closing of my sell trades and a result my buy trades became stop out. My account became empty right away.
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To all new future traders beware of this broker. Avoid this scam artist!!!
Can you post proof of this? To me their offer seems pretty profesionnal.
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I traded with trading point and xe markets sometime. I had a few issues, however i would rate this bróker with a 3.8 from five.
Once I remember, i could not change an open trade, I was lucky it went against me and later came back with no impact to my funds.
Their bonus is real. I thoght i could withdraw the earnings without affecting the bonus. I withdrew an insignificant amount of money wich I had in my earnings, and they removed the bonus, this affected my positions because the risk increased. I asked a representative about the bonus, but he told me I should have not withdraw the money, and could do nothing. I lost all my money in a few days mainly because of this.
This policy might has it reasons but is stupid, because i could take all my money and deposit again the portion i want to keep, receiving again the bonus, but losing time, which might be money for both, the bróker and the customer.

Overall it is good, online fast chat service, but sometimes they might not be customer oriented in claims.


very goood

I’ve been trading for almost 4 months with XE Markets and I think it is a very good forex broker.
They have excellent order execution, the MT4 platform works very very well and deposits are pretty fast.
They provide a great bonus program and very interesting free webinars.
Besides, the customer service support is excellent, always nice and prepared. I have to thanks Sylvia for her support.


Dear Forum. I have account with Xemakets. I have 3 years experience and, unfortunately, is not always positive. I really like this company. You can open account with even small deposit also and available minimum lot size from 0.01. You can also change account type if you wish anytime and trade with higher lot size. Xemarkets doesnt charge fees on deposit or withdrawal moreover they cover transaction fees in case of deposit. Which is rare among the brokers. I really liked the phone call personal account manager, she was very kind and helpful, always there to assist. All this makes the mother tongue. Thanks to Monika Budai.This broker wants to keep their clients for long term therefore offers excellent, flexible and honest service and provide professional support (seminars, webinars, etc.), doesnt want swallow clients' money.
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Hello. xemarket no withdrawals 120$!!! stanislovas dirvonskis account 52475
Dear Valued Client,

We are contacting you with reference to your Trading Account no. 52475 (hereafter Account) at XEMarkets, the registered trade name of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd (hereafter XEMarkets).

According to our Anti-fraud Department, the trading patterns in your Account raise serious concerns regarding the credit bonuses we have granted to your Account, since these were used for ‘cash-back arbitrage’ activities.

Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions applicable to our credit bonuses, the following activities are qualified as fraudulent:

• Any form of arbitrage trading
• Bonuses claimed by multiple Accounts that were registered from the same IP address
• Various practices of bonus manipulation
• Breach of any points included in our bonus Terms and Conditions
• Any fraudulent activities, disputes or situations that our Management considers as fraudulent

Consequently, we regret to inform you that your Account does not comply with our bonus Terms and Conditions. For this reason, we regret to inform you that we must deduct the bonus amount from your Trading Account and cancel any further bonuses for your Account in future.

Kindly note that our decision in this matter shall be regarded as final and binding on you as Account holder and that, other than the notification set forth herein, no further correspondence will be entered into.

Kind Regards


Hello. My account 52292. Bad broker no winthdraw 120$!!!
1. Opening of Multiple accounts from same household and/or IP address
2. Any form of arbitrage trading
3. News Trading/ Scalping
4. Opening of Duplicate accounts
5. Any other form of practice which may be deemed as fraudulen
Kind Regards, They are bunch of fraud stars that trade against you, they move your entry and make sure your trades are not executed!!!
XEmarkets is a fraud company.it avoids paying my withdrawal request after 1 week. This broker have a lot of advertisement to get big amount of deposits with no answer or payment of withdrawal. It seems that this broker has been dodging to do the withdrawal and Excuses to waste time by telling they are reviewing my account and trading activity for 6 days.Also they made my account trade disable without any reason. I complain to Cysec and following up this matter. Never Trust to it.
XE Markets is one of the best broker i have ever find. it has very fast execution speed and ite regulations are also very strong that you need not to woory about the reliability of the company.
their support team is working very efficiently and they have very good response


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hello all
i have account number 11117718 at xe markets with balance of 12000 $ they refuse to verify it although i sent all papers they want i sent my passport civil id and certified bank statement they stay 1 month promise me to verify it and already called me and told me they accept my papers and at end they close my account and refund my 500$ deposit i hope no one deal with this scam broker