XM Global not complying to their regulations


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I am new both to trading and on this platform. I got here because I was trying to Google an issue with xm. The thing has to do with my deposit amount not reflecting in the trading account, when I do via Dusu Pay. It first happened and I had to provide a lot of documentation before they credited.

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered such a problem with xm. I don't want to hate forex because of issues like this. I don't want to be worried about my money every time I deposit.

I wish things really worked smoothly.
If you are having a serious problem with a company, you should open your own thread in Scam Alerts and give details.

Why your own thread?

1. If the person who started this thread has their issue resolved, this whole thread will be marked as resolved.

2. Your thread can have a link from your review. This makes your issue more visible.

3. Issues can be different. Having your own thread makes it easier to get advice specific to resolving your issue.


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Lots complaining about these on facebook
1) Can you provide a link to these facebook comments? Also take some screenshots or screen recording (better) of the browser window.

2) Can you post to this same facebook group(s) that affected people may come and expose their complaint on FPA forum in the Scam alerts folder.

3) if you have your own complaint, you will need to open a new scam thread. Please re-read the previous 3 posts if you want more information how or why you need to do this.