XP Markets is a SCAM... be aware!


Hi there guys,

I am having serious problem with this binary option broker called XP Markets. These that follows are the evidences that this broker is a huge SCAM:

1) As soon as you open an account with them, they will rush to contact you in order to get you a bonus, because they know that after that in order to withdraw your eventual winning, you must fulfill 40 times the amount of the Bonus... but this is normal to every broker out there.
The problem is that after you deposit your money in, they will completely disregard any of your e-mails, especially if, like I did, you decide to refuse their bonus.
I have sent them about 10 emails and I did not receive any reply, at all.

2) If you ask them (obviously, before you make a deposit, forget asking later) how long the withdrawal process would take before reaching back your account, they will tell you about 3-6 days. (I have all the e-mails as proof).
I have made a withdrawal request the 29th of March and it is still in pending process. That means they have not decided yet if releasing my money, even though, I have already provided them with all the documents and copy of credit card they ask me to send. They just ignored my emails.

3) They claim the following:
"To satisfy all those who trust us, we are working every day to offer you an efficient 24H/24 customer service available via online chat, customer support is also available to you by e-mail at support@xpmarkets.com or by phone: UK: +44 20 36 27 92 45, US: +1 313 3555536"

First, the telephone numbers don't work, at all! The UK number is completely mute, like there is not line connected to the number and the US number just rings forever!!!
Second, the online chat is a joke! you press the pop up to chat with someone live, he/she is never available, you will get a windows asking you to leave your details, they will never answer!
Third, mail support, as I told you above, forget it.
All this that I am writing about is verifiable from anybody... just try to give them a call for any reason or try the online chat and you will see what I mean.

Be aware to do business with this company...

I will file a court case with forex peace army if at the end of this week they will not contact me or send my money back. I have to wait because according to their Terms and Conditions they have two weeks time, after the withdrawal request, to send the amount back to the customer's account. Since my withdraw has been made the 29th of March, I have to wait till the end of this week to officially call them SCAM.

If you had the same experience and you managed to get your money back, please, help!
Thank you Pharaon,

Yesterday, after I told them that I would have started a court case with you, an agent from xp markets contact me; he said that he is taking care of my case and my money will be wired back to me. The fact is that my withdrawal request is still in pending process; so, I sent him an email asking when exactly my money will be deposit back into my account and, funny enough, he still did not reply!

I have done what you advise me and today I have emailed the link to this thread and inform them that if they will not contact me before the end of this week, I will file a court case with you.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you
Please keep this thread up to date so everyone will know if this gets resolved or not.
I will surely do!

Today, I emailed the link of this thread and ask them to reply but, so far, not a single reply, and my withdrawal request is still pending...
Now we wait. If they've really sent the money, it should take less than 1 week to arrive.
Yes, today one of the agents contact me to have my details for a wired transfer to my account. At the beginning I asked him why he wanted those, since I had requested a credit card withdrawal no a wire transfer; he replied that it was to speed the process up. I was dubious, but since he told me that I will receive a proof of the wire and he will not charge me any fees, I provided him with the details he asked.

I will keep you update
The danger of "no fee" wire transfers is that your bank and any intermediary banks may charge fees before the money ever reaches your account. I'm curious to see if XP Markets can make this work out to really put all the money into your account or not.
Yes, I know that... My bank charge 10 dollars for national incoming wire and I think double for international one, but it is ok, as far as they show me that they are sending me over the full amount I asked.

I will keep you update

Hi pharaoh,

I have been waiting all day those SCAM people to contact me, but they did not. I told them that I would have waited till today at 5 p.m. otherwise I would have open a court case with you, but they just disregard my e-mail.

They did not comply with their Terms and Conditions because after 14 days from my withdrawal request, I did not received any money back and the withdrawal request is still in pending process.

Do you think I can file a court case?

Let me know