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I wish more companies would resolve issues instead of scamming traders. I've got one more of these to write, and at least one more company is due for a Scam Finding very soon. :(

From everything I can tell, XP Markets and OptiMarkets are either 2 names for the same company or two companies sharing common staff and ownership. Their representative to the FPA posted from the same location that fake clients praised each company from. This happened in the reviews and in the forums.

It started with XP Markets. FPA member Daviden1 complained that a withdrawal wasn't being processed. XP delayed and delayed a withdrawal and wouldn't communicate with him, except when he pretended to be a potential new client planning to make a large deposit. ;)

Next, complaints came in about OptiMarkets. FPA members Yulitacs, Biff22, and Tonidare all reported issues getting withdrawals. A representative from OptiProfits.com came in to represent the company in the thread Yulitacs started and did nothing but delay things. When Yulitacs' Traders Court case went public, a fake client posted from the same location claiming that Opti Markets never gave any problems on withdrawals. I can only assume this means the company believes lying about successful withdrawals is better than sending real money to real clients.

The case against XP Markets ended in a Guilty verdict. All 3 Traders Court cases against Opti Markets ended in Guilty verdicts. None of the 4 clients ever got their money withdrawn.

OptiProfits.com is still online. They claim to now represent CityBinary.com. I am please to see that XPMarkets.com, OptiMarkets.com, and CityBinary.com are all down. I believe that the warnings provided by FPA reviewers and forums members about bad experiences helped keep many potential victims of this scam from depositing money at these websites.

I'd like to express my deepest thanks to Yulitacs for going above and beyond the usual efforts in reporting XPMarkets and OptiMarkets to different government agencies. If more people filed these reports, it would be easier for the police and regulators to have the evidence needed to shut down scam sites like these.

The FPA considers XPMarkets, OptiMarkets, and all related companies and websites to be scams. If you become aware of any evidence showing other companies are related to these, please post the details in this thread.

The FPA recommends that US victims contact the CFTC and UK victims contact Action Fraud. Victims from anywhere can file reports with eConsumer.gov

FPA Scam Finding Against XPMarkets and OptiMarkets

Daviden1's original complaint against XPMarkets.com

Daviden1's Traders Court case against XPMarkets

Yulitacs' original complaint against OptiMarkets.com

Yulitacs' Traders Court case against OptiMarkets

Biff22's original complaint against OptiMarkets.com

Biff's Traders Court case against OptiMarkets

Tonidare's original complaint against OptiMarkets.com

Tonidare's Traders Court case against OptiMarkets

FPA Review Page for XP Markets

FPA Review Page for Opti Markets

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You guys are great!!!

Has not been easy and neither fast, but at the end we won this battle against those SCAM companies.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of you that did not stop fighting until the end!

You are offering a great service to each one of us who is just trying to make some decent investment without the fear to be "ripped off" from a bunch of thiefs.

Thank you again


Master Yoda

XP Markets is a broker that always was a "background noise" in FPA, somehow they managed not to get a find scam so far, but even their luck has ended.

I am happy to see them getting rank scam here.


If only more people like Yulitacs would file Traders Court cases. Scam labels could be handed out to deserving companies much faster.


Hello FPA,

Please list me complain about Optimarkets as well. I've written a few comments on this forum, asking the Optimarkets' victims to contact me personally on RyanHenryKnight@gmail.com

and telling them that I, unfortunately, too have been scammed by these lowlives.

There may be some confusion among some of the FPA subscribers, because apparently one of the men who operates this boiler room scam is also called Ryan. Now, this is coincidence, pure and simple. I've been told by another Optimarkets' victims that this Ryan's surname is something like MacLanahan or somink along those lines. I've nothing to do with him; in fact, I emailed him a couple of times, asking what had happened to my withdrawal requests, and needless to say I'd received absolutely no response from him of any kind.

Once more, I ask all those of you guys who have been scammed by Optimarkets to contact me. I've hired a UK-based lawyer who's very experienced in these kinds of things to represent me before the British police. So far he's told me that the Economic Crime Unit of the City of London police had already begun an investigation into Optimarkets' shady activities.

However, bear in mind that if you want this lawyer to represent you officially, you'll need to have your passport verified by a notary in your country of residence, and send him these documents. Don't be afraid, this isn't expensive at all. For example, I'm based in Spain, so it cost me about 10 EUR for the notary's verification document plus a couple of quid to send the envelope to the UK by normal, registered delivery with a signature when delivered. So about 15 EUR all in all.

Once this is done, the lawyer will then present your case to the British police who, hopefully, will continue to investigate Optimarkets and bring those swindlers and crooks to justice.

Also keep in mind that they're still in business. In fact, they've recently apparently revamped their website, so their new one can be seen here:

Get up to 85% Profit in a minute | Optimarkets

That means that they're still in business, scamming more and more people in Europe and all over the world.

Finally, one of the men who runs this boiler room scam is an American by the name of Jayson Travis (yes, he spells his first name with a 'y'). He's a lowlife cocksucker and crook who needs to be in the dock facing the Judge and eventually behind bars.

If any of you have any intel on this scammer, get in touch with your local police, or with myself, and I'll pass it on to the lawyer. But do remember, you'll have to do the notary document to enable him to represent you -- that's just a law-binding requirement which I tried to explain above.

Nevertheless, if you want those buggers from Optimarkets to be brought to justice, you've gotta unite.

Thanks for keeping the Forex Peace Army alive. Keep up good work. Cheers,
R H Knight