XPMarkets.com and OptiMarkets.com

FPA Scam Finding
XPMarkets.com and OptiMarkets.com

We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that...

XP Markets and OptiMarkets appear to be closely related. Both were represented by OptiProfits.com, and the same IP was used by a company rep and to make fake postings to support each of the brokers. The FPA considers these two companies to be operating together and to be equally liable for their acts against traders.

There are now a total FPA Traders Court Guilty Verdicts against the companies.

Case 1. FPA member Daviden1 reported depositing funds with XPMarkets and declining the offered bonus. He did this in order to not be tied into any trading volume restrictions. Once he started asking for withdrawals, communications became more and more difficult. After delays, XP Markets claimed to be wiring the money, but didn't.

Daviden1 found the only way to make fast contact was to pretend to be a potential client wanting to deposit money. This resulted in immediate followup calls. When he explained the real purpose of the contact, promises were made to look into the problem. No further contacts were made.

Case 2. FPA member Yulitacs reported having an account blocked and contact cut off after filing a withdrawal request from OptiMarkets. Unlike the other cases, Limor from OptiProfits joined the discussion thread. This turned out to be another delaying tactic. Either Limor or someone else from that office spammed the reviews for XP Markets. Another forums account was created from the same location claiming to be a happy Optimarkets client. This was done inside of Yulitacs' case Traders Court case thread.

Case 3. FPA member Biff22 reported being unable to withdraw funds from an account at OptiMarkets. He provided all requested documents and was met with multiple delays. The money never arrived.

Case 4. FPA member Tonidare reported being unable to withdraw money. He was even told UK regulators had ordered OptiMarkets to return money to all UK account holders. The money never arrived.

Email invitations were sent to for all 4 cases. There was no reply from XP Markets. A representative joined Yulitacs' complaint thread and provided no real assistance in getting money to the client. Instead spam from the same location was used to try to disrupt a case thread. There was no reply on the final 2 cases. All 4 cases ended in guilty verdicts.

Under these circumstances, the FPA has no choice but to declare both XP Markets and Opti Markets to be scams. This ruling also applies to any other related websites. Websites the FPA knows of linked to these include OptiProfits.com and CityBinary.com We offer these companies the opportunity to have this Scam Finding lifted by meeting these requirements...

1. Process all overdue withdrawals. Add a 0.5% compound interest payment for each full month compensation for any withdrawal that been delayed more than 2 months since the initial request was made by the client.
2. Register with a real regulatory agency and publish links to this regulation on all of the company's websites..
3. Process all new withdrawal requests in 10 business days or provide a valid reason for any delays. Any reasons for delays need to come with reasonable time frames.
4. Never again send employees into forums or reviews while pretending to be clients.

XPMarkets and OptiMarkets are hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We urge traders not to do business with any of these companies or with any company associated with them. Based on the available evidence, we feel there is no choice but to label them both to be scams.

Since XPMarkets.com, OptiMarkets.com and the associated brokerage website CityBinary.com websites are all now offline, we urge traders to be alert to new websites these scammers may create.

We see many of the complaints about these companies came from the USA and UK. We urge US victims to contact the CFTC and UK victims to contact Action Fraud.

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