Yadix Representative
Dear All,

We are often asked “what's the difference between the Yadix ECN accounts”, most traders think it’s only the commission, however, at Yadix our set-up is as such as there are real and highly valuable differences. Please see more below:

Scalper Account:
The account is designed for HFT systems, Scalper robots and any fast action EAs. Its backed up by focused liquidity that allow us to accept and support these strategies. Our technology means that 99.4% of trades are executed in 15 milliseconds or less, usually around 5 ms.

Pro Account:
This account is specifically linked to banks that provide consistent and tight spreads, with high-level execution quality and low costs, The account is perfect for professionals, experienced and profitable traders, and attracts Day Traders, Expert Advisors and manual Scalping clients.

VIP Account (by invitation only):
Our VIP account was created to support institutional level accounts such as large value accounts and ultra-high volume clients. The account offers the ultimate trading execution with inter-bank costs and can include a high-level FIX API for qualifying accounts.

You are invited to review our trading conditions, low trading costs, no strategy and no trading restrictions and benefit from trading freedom to maximize your full trading potential.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.




Prohibiting links to your own site is rather strange)) It is also strange to somehow pip in a calm market. Is scalping designed for this? You have to play on news. All the profit is there, it seems to me
Playing on news is too risky a sport) How many cases have there been negative data for the USA, and the dollar is still growing? The reason is that the dollar is also a safe haven currency, there are other aspects ... In general, the forecast is easier in a calm market.


It seems to me that trading algorithms are designed in such a way as to profit from any movements. Surely there are some general rules that guide the entire forex market. For example, any jump in price will necessarily be offset by a subsequent rebound. I also read that the pound moves about 1,000 points a day. Meanwhile, in reality, all these fluctuations occur around the average price. The next day, the rate is the same as the day before. That's what you should use.