Yen Pairs Trading Signals


I focus on technical analysis, and it works for me, my methodology is a combination of a few technique - Gann, Elliot Wave, Ichimoku, etc.

I recently opened up a blog and share some of my analysis. In order to prove the accuracy of my analysis, I will keep a history/record of our analysis on our blog.

The attached chart is one of our recent analysis, I believe its an uptrend and the arrow is the entry position for the buy. I will continue posting in here to keep a log of my trading record.

Please feel free to discuss my analysis here


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Eric Alyea

Master Sergeant
no charting emotion and panic of the flow.

I love what your doing with the technical. I can’t see your date time line though. I am still a believer in seeing what the local country news had to show during the spikes (Reports, rain earthquake/tsunami, etc.).
I feel that there is still a use for analog (fundamental data) in a digital (technical data) world (I love the math and empirical implication of charting, but a flood and earth quake don’t get logged in on the graph). That is the main fault of the technical charts no way to high light the emotion and panic of the flow.
You should post this in the general forum.