YMS-PRO Template


YMS PRO & Scalper indicator Seller,

Be careful this guy is Scammer.

he shows daily result in closed profit so how does he trade??

He opens buy or sell position as per signal and put 10 pip profit so those trades work it will hit take profit those did not it will go in losses but he doesn’t close them because he trade on Demo account. so only wining trades result will be displayed in closed trade for that day but trades running in losses is bigger than winning. so please do not fall in trap by paying 479 USD from both the indicators it repent and gives falls signal and its difficult to communicate with the seller since he hardly replies to any message in rude way and all the review he put telegram is fake made by himself. so just be careful with guy YMS Indicator seller.
he trades on demo and shows only trades hit by TP and not big losses running in front.