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Discuss YourTradingRoom.com

General discussions of a financial company
A company called "Your Trading Room"

Has anyone heard of a company called, "Your Trading Room"? They claim to provide education in Forex and charge AUD5,000.00 for their service. They are based in Brisbane, QLD. Australia.
Advise from one Newbie to another:

“Take that AUD5,000 and deposit it with a reputable broker and start your own education. Beats any PHD “broker education school” any day!

Apart from hands-on education, you get a chance to increase your deposit money. In a broker’s school, you get chance to get “Scam”.

Happy trading!
I know on of their analysts and sat in on about a month of sessions. I found it confusing and choppy. Great differences between the guys leading the trading, and they all seem to use a different method. They do have profitable months, but their bookkeeping on their results is quite creative to say the least. I can think of better ways to spend money.
Current marketing drive.

This is interesting.. I have been getting emails from this company just recently, and note the comments here are recent.

The fact that they are based in Queensland is a real turn off for me.. every scam in Australia seems to originate in Queensland.

I just read over a downloaded (free) doco from them.. it is very thorough (170 pages) to their credit.. although looks pretty basic stuff that was compiled from standard trading books.. nothing new in there.

The marketing brochures are typical glossy style booklets, and no price is mentioned, though i found elsewhere they were charging 7K upwards, plus around $300 per month subscription fees.. (pricey).

One would have to be a complete newbie to join in my opinion, since most of the "education" is covered elsewhere for free.. and they "special software" really just looks like it is using a few indicators and MAs + candlesticks.. big gains for the owners probably.

Probably the weirdest thing is that they are a franchise business as well.. so people buy in to get a franchise for 10-50k.. which begs the question.. if the trading part works well, why would you need to even sell it to people?

Forex Business Opportunity
Best forex education i ever received

I was recently contacted by "YTR" (yourtradingroom) back in ocotber. I actually decided to join because they gave me full access to their live trading room for a full 5 days.
I was skeptical at first, but during the 5 days i saw many good trades with clear explenations. So i joined. It cost me 5k with a webinar discount. But it really paid off. Compared to my previous educations in forex. I trade everyday sun-thur and hope to quit my job as an auto mechanic soon after 17 years. (very happy about that)
My experience with them has been delightful. I would recommend going thru the trial for anyone!!! It changed my life
I joined YTR approximately 18 months ago. After a year my trading room subscription became due and I did not think that $399 AUD was worth it for what I was getting out of the room and also the amount of times I was able to attend. I loved the interaction from the others in the room, but was not learning anything more.

The moderators are wonderful and do the job as best they can. It is the management at fault.

Andrew, in his post, is absolutely correct in what he has written, except that now there are no Bronze or Guest members listed in the members list. Only Gold members, GPT members, Swing Trade members (4), Gold partner (1) and Gold Member SMS (1).

Once a member has opted out of the extra $399 AUD a month then the live trading rooms and the sms/email messages on the swing trades are no longer available to them. One then becomes a silver member.

As a Silver member I logged into the forums on Friday (4 Feb) only to find that I am now unable to post replies or start another topic. What way is that to treat someone who has spent a lot of money to become a member – sometimes money they can't really afford, but are hoping for a lifelong, ongoing training with access to everything on the website.

In reply to Jim who posted all those trade results from the live trading room. Why do we never see the losses that people make? Yes, of course there are people that go on to make big profits. There are also people who go on to make big losses. There is never, ever any mention of those. One can not consistently make profits in trading – be real.

Admittedly, when I joined as a Newbie, I learned a lot from YTR, but as I began to understand the methods and indicators and began to work things out on my own with my new knowledge, I realised that the indicators are just what could really be found elsewhere but in different forms. Whatever the indicators one uses, they give the same results with a bit of tweaking.

No, YTR are not the Holy Grail and unfortunately some are taking all the moderator's trades systematically and not doing things for themselves and learning. Anyone can do that. YTR is good for your first few months of trading, but after that – not a lot of help. They are just ignoring the longest serving members, they do not allow us freedom of thought and when we question anything we are cut off bit by bit from access to member's items on their website.
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I was able to spend a couple of days in their trading room. I dont know enough about Forex trading to comment on their methods. A sales rep did send me a file of all their trades. I note the creative accounting' comment in a prior post. Myself I would not believe any profit/loss reports unless from an independent auditor.
Current cost is $5k. 12 months access to the trading room $200 pm, then jumps to $400 pm after 1yr. $20 k to train to trade with their money.
The sales rep is still calling me once a week to ask how I am going. ie: When do I want to sign up.
I did see a post here, (cant find it) that the company was associated with a disgraced Qld real estate developer who has taken people for millions.
Sales rep said that they have two,(?) shareholders, couldnt tel me their names. All their directors are listed on their site.
Personally, as a novice trader, I would take advantage of the free education courses offered on the net, on here as well, trade micro lots to build up your skill and confidence levels and then increase lots accordingly.

P.S. An indicator, Infocator, from Russ Horn, (no affiliation) seems to be 90% accurate on the 30 and up charts.