YouTradeFx did my mt4 a/c Disable and then after they take my money from my mt4 a/c and last 3 month

Urvisha P

I m Urvisha Parekh from India & my a/c no. is 173511 & my a/c balance is 550.85$.

i open my a/c on dated Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 5:07 PM

From the month of October my a/c. 173511 is disable. Means in mt4 right side appears Account Disable. So now i can't check, i can't trade in my a/c. So it means they take money from my a/c.

And after that i mail more then 100 of times to his support and compliance departments from last 3 months but still that fraud and cheated company don't give me any reply.

Whenever i try to contact them they tell me to contact Mr. Himanshu Bhagat he is the country head of India. But Mr. Himanshu is saying that he is now not working in youtradefx. He is saying that he has already left the company. I tried to call in their customer care number +44-203-3183333 but everytime they say that talk with Himanshu and they immediately end the phone. Everytime they do like that.

Here in India this company's office is also closed so nobody give me any reply. then i tried calling them and email to their support and dealing room but no reply from their side.but everyday these cheaters are sending the market info like "youtradefx market info " and deposit and get 50% bonus type email to my mail id. i can't understand what to do. i want my money back.

Every morning and afternoon they send Forex Signals. Non of their setups touch TP. Always against the trend. Honestly, I always get a profit with entry with opposite side of their signals.

I called many time to UK in web site given that phone no. +44-203-3183333 but when i tell him i m from India then they cut my call.

Be careful with this broker! ,,,, My advise, avoid youtrade at all cost.I guess gradually they will shutdown their office one by one from rest country.

BE AWAY FROM They are a scam. What a terrific scamming process

Kindly plz do helpful to me FPA for receive my money of 550.85$ from youtradefx.


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