Youtradefx How many months they take for withdrawals?


I requested my withdrawals more than a month account number is 159187.

They said under the process,but after that,their office closed more than two weeks now.
I can't contact them by email,phone,online chat.they shut down all method to contact them.
I asked their adress before,but they refused me to tell their location.
What they are doing and thinking now or already my fund are stolen by them?
I also contacted sunbird fx,but they say youtradefx is not their group company,is it true??

any information to get the fund back is appreciate.


This broker is already banned from authority of many countries, many criminal complaints.
I don't think is possible recover money. I didn't see any minimal sign of regulation in their website, you simply make a donation to that people.



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its a while since they have been labeled as scam, accepting only deposits, no withdrawals what so ever.. :(