youTradeFX is unidirectional money flow(no withdraw for clients)


hi guys

I opened account with this company with 1000$ as initial , after hearing the advises from my account manager , who was pushing on me to make further deposits , because all they care about is to pull up money from you as much as they can , and every account manger in this firm is pushing hard on his client to deposit more and more with them .... but he doesn't know that ( including myself ) this money will take one minute single click to deposit , in the same topology , it will take hundred of days to withdraw a dollar ! .

further more , the technical support they promise you before you make deposit , is meaningless talking after you make deposit !!!
on a personal trade , I lost some money , but after i made the calculations it seems that from MT4 monitoring system 1363 $ was available and left in my account , while now my account status is ZEROING !!! the snapshot is explain more .