Youtradefx SCAM - Please Help

I´m Youtradefx Client since 2011. Since there i have made some trades and withdraws without any problem. However, in last year the difficults to speak with my manager account began. And in the last year, they change few times (Felipe Zica, Sandro Silva, Carlos Mafra, Renata Brandão and the last Luisana Córdoba - She replys sometimes, but when she does, asks to fill my account everytime. So, i have some open positions and now i can´t contact her. I saw all the bad comments and, in fact, i have received one email by Luisana but with Sunbirdfx signature and email ( I asked her why she sent an email from Sunbirdfx and she told me that she´s not the same person, but she is.
Now, and after more than 40 emails, she doesn´t reply. I have about 8000$ at my account. Does anybody knows any contact in youtradefx that can help me?

Thank you for your help guys.


Dear Partner,
I have the same problems with Sunbird.
They are a real scam.
By dedusco name is Spanish-speaking Animo

Estimado compañero,
Yo tengo los mismos problemas con Sunbird.
Son una autentica estafa.
Por el nombre dedusco que es habla español-Animo