YOUtradefx scam?


I am in South Africa. I deposited 500usd with Youtrade to which a bonus of 500usd and a referral bonus of 200USD was added, totalling 1200usd. I currently made 2590.79usd (excluding bonus). On the 7 October 2014 I made a withdrawal request of 1500USD with the aim of withdrawing all my money. On the 8 October the card I used to deposit funds was cancelled for security purposes. Today (16 October 2014) when I contacted Daniel Collin as to why I did not get my money or at least a response. Daniel told me I cannot withdraw the money because I cancelled the card I used initially to deposit funds , he said I must deposit an additional 5000usd to make more money because if my account is in the negative it affects his business. He further told me that he is more experienced to tell me when to withdraw, buy or sell in the market. The reason I’m withdrawing my money from Youtradefx is that I was always terrorised and insulted by this Daniel Collin to deposit 5000usd to make more money in trading Gold. I tried to speak to Maria Lyon who initially referred me to Youtradefx, but she would always refer me back to Daniel who did not want to answer my questions regarding forex trading. I was also not informed about a monthly fee that they take from my account which affected my account every month -end negatively. I tried to do live chatting but their system is always not working. PLEASE ADVICE ON HOW I CAN GET MY MONEY AND PROFITS.