youtradefx ((withdrawel problem))

ryadm maarrawi

My story with youtradefx: the Account was opened with the YOUTRADEFX Company on 26-6-2012 and I trade about 4 month and i losses a lot of money ..... and then I start trading and I Compensate most of my loss…the problem started when I made a withdrawal request on 18-10-2012 worth 35,000 from that day and i trying with the company to transfer this amount and they tell many several excuses sometimes they tell me we already sent the money y but the address of your bank is wrong or there is negligence of some staff ....after I start press on them they transferred my account to the Australia branch and appointed new account manager the account transfer to another manager the they transfer to another account manager …all this period I have been trying to contact with any manager in this company then I got one and i spoken with him this manager told me that my account has moved to Australia branch but my money is not transferred from uk branch and after many problem my account came back to the British branch and I receipt mail forward from my account manger as the manger “in uk branch” is apology for this problem and the reason of this delay is some of the employees and they will send my money to me then they withdraw again from my account in 24-12-2012 and I m still waiting at now and I received nothing

Please I need help please any one can help me


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ryadm maarrawi

I understand your anger and I will take care of that, sorry for what happened
Nader Aziz

hello mr nader ... please i need to ask you if you are one of youtradefx staff .... if yes please contact me to find solution to this problem coz its take long time more than 3 month

thank you so much


yes he is youtradefx staff i explain my problem to him and i send email to him but not respond, i dont know why


i send email to mr nader as afollowing;

Hello Mr nader

Since you from youtradefx company Please interest in the subject

I have deliberated with the company since last month 6, 2012 and I have deposit was $ 10,000, became the profits with the bonus and capital reached limit 31000 $
I asked last month to withdraw the whole amount about 10 times because Trov emergency but not drag-and comes to me that he was denied clouds
I've discussed with them a lot to clarify the problem, but unfortunately no one gives the answer, nor any reason

So I ask you to show the subject and this my hope this company by credibility and trust, which talked about the sites

My name is Abdul Rahman Ibrahim
Account No. 126622 MT4


More YouTrade issues. :(

A new YouTrade employee popping up - at least someone at the company finally decided to show up.

nader aziz

YouTradeFx Representative
dear Mr. Riad and Mr. AbdelRahman,

I am checking the both issues and will be solved in the coming few days.