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Discuss Z20Forex.co.uk (Dr. Zain Agha)

General discussions of a financial company
Dear Dr. Zain Agha

I haven't yet gone through your trading system. Nor do I have the fund to invest in your system either. It's because US $ 97 or 1,500 is too much for me in terms of our Indian Currency. I have my budget fixed for only opening a live forex trading account. However, what you are providing is all given in the famous free ebook written by celebrity trader Mr. Ed Ponsi named as "Forex Patterns & Probabilities". It is just a sort of a "TRADERS' BIBLE & TRADERS' GREATEST COMPANION" and your Breakout System and Pull Back System is very nicely explained for a Ranging and Trending Markets. Even a newbie can digest its 250 pages very easily.
Hello 4xkishore,

Could you please indicate at which pages of this book you found a similar system as this one of the Zain Agha?
I did not found it in this book.
I purchased this system on 3/1/13. After numerous emails trying to set it up, one which was not answered for 12 days, I gave up and asked for a refund. I requested a refund within the 30 days stipulated in the purchase agreement. Dr. Zain refused my request. Now I have to use PayPal to try and get a refund.

Dr. Zain is now refusing my paypal request for a refund. I left the following comment.

I was unable to get your system to work. I couldn't even get the time set properly. Of my 30 day trial period 12 days went by when I had sent you an email and received no response. I had to send another email to get a response. If you had additional requirements to receive a refund prior to 30 days then those requirement should have been listed in your purchase agreement. If you are unable, or unwilling to work with new traders then this should have been listed in you product information. I have no intention of using your system because I have no intention of dealing with you. I tried to listen to your explanations in the webinar but with your accent most words were unintelligible. I can't learn a system when you do not respond to emails, and I am unable to hear what you are saying in your videos. There was no mention in your product information about lack of email support, or your inability to communicate effectively. I have no interest in using your system, and if you are not offering refuncs that should have been clearly stated in your purchase agreement.
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