Good day. I have 2 accounts with ZARFOREX. One a managed account with about 25000 us dollars, and the other a smaller account with about 2500 us dollars. I have been trying to make contact with Zarforex for about a week. I call their offices over and over , it just goes through to a answering machine , no matter what time of day/night. I have emailed them countless times on all email addresses that I can find on their website. I have skyped Jean Merignac a number of times, yet he fails to answer the calls.

I simply have got absolutely no reply from any one at Zar Forex , in any manner. I have emailed them a number of concerns I have with them ,but they simply do not reply in any form or manner. I have now gone online ,and tried to do a withdrawal , yet it seems that their website is not accepting the withdrawal procedure on their website.
I am now really starting to become concerned that I am being ignored on purpose ,and that they do not want to be a honourable company , and allow me to withdraw my funds.
Please advise me how to take this forward ,as well as what authorities I can approach to assist me with this issue. I have done a bit of research on Zarforex this morning ,and it does not seem like a well commented on broker. ( very scarey)

please advise me what steps to take ,as well as what authority to contact.


Mike Wilson