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Zenith Options and Binary Options Live Signals

Nomer Smith

Hi. I've been receiving calls from agents introducing me to Zenith Options and Binary Options Live Signals. Has anyone heard of them?
Zenith Options - site looks good but I'm not sure if they are regulated. Have seen one unverified blog comment about them.
Binary Options Live Signals - site also looks good and promising. They offer 1 month free trial. Can't say more for now.
BOLS has several complaints in Scam Alerts.

Zenithoptions.com uses anonymous registration, which is something you don't want in a broker. They claim to be registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. That location doesn't inspire confidence in any form of regulatory assistance if a problem arises.

Invested 25.000 € in JUNE 2014.
Account is now over: 300.000 €

Waiting now weeks for withdrawal.
I asked for only initial investment back... Nothing...

I need that money... Please help me....
BOLS , Safe24option and Zenithoption are real scam . My withdrawal still pending from both Manual account and ATS account. Stay away from them .
I fyou used BOLS and teh Zenith options you will have issues getting your withdraw within the year they say. And on thier terms and condistions the have stipulated the following statement.

As I have mentioned your initial investment is securely stored in your trading account. Prior to funding your account you have agreed with the Terms & Conditions that are proposed by Zenith Options where in section 19 it states that:

"Clients who choose to have their account managed by Company will not be eligible for withdrawals for one (1) year since the commencement of service."

In your case this refers to the fact that having started on 12/09/2014 you will be eligible for withdrawal on 12/09/2015 which is in about 6 months. It seems to me that, unfortunately, you have not been informed about this for some reason so we will need to investigate who your account manager was in BOLS order to make a complaint to their management about that. Please bear in mind that on every page of our website in the footer we mention to our clients the following: "We strongly advise that you read our Terms & Conditions before making any investments." And you would be surprised on the terribly small number of clients that actually read those before making an investment - for which you cannot hold us liable.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Levy

VP Client Relations

Asia/Pacific: +852-300-85887
North America: +1-424-281-6024
The first step to trading binary options is making sure that the broker is regulated, then from thereon, it would be very important if traders focus more on learning how to identify profitable trades rather than chasing signals from various providers. I am sure that some do what they claim to do with the right intentions, but again, if what they promise fails (i.e 80% win-rate etc), I am not sure they would be keen to admit it.

Therefore, if a trader must trade in binary options (and I am one of the critics of the market), then they must follow due course of background checks on the said service providers. Proof of regulation, check out some reviews, proof of results for signal providers and of course if there is an option for a demo, by all means take it and make good use of it.
Not just regulated, but well-regulated. Cyprus does a poor job policing brokers.

There's only one properly regulated binary broker in the US. In the UK, any that are really regulated (not passported) need to be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.
It seems that a lot scam brokers are located in Cyprus. Does Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission really regulate their brokers?
It also does appear that a majority of brokers are rushing for registration with CySEC, which makes me wonder who really is in control of the licensing body. It is almost as if it is much easier to register with CySEC than it is with any other body. So I guess traders should excercise extra caution when choosing their brokers because regulated may not be enough.