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Thank 999cjb

ZenX. I hope you don't regard this as another "hostile post". But on your website you say that your EA was tested in different market situations, is very profitable and will work best with long term investments generating more than 100% per year. Yet you have not responded to my request for a backtest from January 2007, showing only results from 2010. Let's first accept your backtest results despite the mismatched charts errors and n/a modelling quality and move on.

Between January 2010 and June 2012 from a $2,000 deposit you show profit of $5,803 with $1,021 drawdown. Now I don't have your EA so I have fiddled with our own EA to produce similar results using the same type of strategy. Over the same period with the same deposit we show a profit of $7,714 with $1,198 drawdown. Here is the backtest:-

Strategy Tester: EZE057v010

I then used the same EA with the same settings from January 2007. Here is the backtest:-

Strategy Tester: EZE057v010

As you can see, this test blew the account after just 5 months. In 2007, USDCAD had a high of 1.18 and a low of 0.90, movement (high minus low) of 2,800 pips. In 2008 there was movement of 3,000 pips. Compare this with 2010 until today when the movement is 1,400 pips. Since 2000, the movement has been 7,200 pips.

This is why your statement about "long term investments" etc. cannot be justified. On our member website we have a health warning aimed at grid/martingale traders. I'll reprint it here:-

We must add some words of warning here:-
** Do not run GRID with money you cannot afford to lose **
** Consider regularly removing profits as one day it may blow your account **

Having said all this, it is perfectly possible to run this type of EA for a number of years without blowing your account but the risk must be greatly reduced. So much that you can probably achieve a better rate of return from saving your money in a bank.

Of course, it is possible to run USDCAD and other pairs on a grid/mart and get better backtest results because we know what has happened in the past. But we don't know the future. Terrorism, weather conditions, incompetent governments etc. can all have major effects on currency pairs.

You may perhaps have a well written and supported EA and I wish you luck with it. But there are less risky options and it is only fair that your prospective customers know these facts.

ZenX is not the only EA of this type of course. Many others can be found in this forum. This risk warning applies to all.