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Discuss zifx.com ( iforex.bg )

General discussions of a financial company
Hi my fellow traders, i will like to know if there is anyone that have use this iforex.bg,i mean their forecastplus,i found them sound too good for their performances record with no lost at all in all their trades,will like to know if there is anyone that i have use it before now.
response to iforexbg

This is a big time scam at work. Luckily they are not in the US to be held accountable. Their signals sucks and late in coming. Do not use these service.
they are just scumback you know why ?their signals always come late when the market has moved and the sad things ,every 10 minutes they send you an exit signals and followed with this word "we will try better exit later if possible"so if you decide to hold on your position and luckily they are right ,so you get good result,but if you open your position and 10 minutes later ,they ask you to quit the position at 7 pips and you decide to hold on to the next exit ,but it often the market reverse and go against you ,and you can get minus result ,but in their performances logbook ,they say ,they get 7 pips,,so PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCUMBACK ,YOU BETTER SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR OTHERS SERVICE.
Iforex big scam.

I am not only a live client, I am trading their services right now at the moment of this post. I also recorded their trading system and I can post it if anyone would like to see how they perform.
It is a complete scam, stay away from them. None, absolutely none of the pips they claim on thier history is the result of honest and professional market prediction. They will simply send you a reading of what happens in the last few seconds with follow up signal 10 minutes later. Since they always start on profit, they can either end the count of pips at that moment or play the same game again if the trade get stopped. You will never receive a signal from them, only market reading of what already happened few seconds ago. If you re lucky, you will get ... ha I just got a signal to exit EURUSD with 49 pips profit for the day, a huge scam my friends. Stay away from it. If anyone wants to see their life signals, let me know.

Tanx 4 ur information.:mad:
I asked for a refund right after my transaction through paypal and they refused...I have all of the emails to prove it.
Their signals and late and their SMS alerts do not work.....they are very good at responding to emails for support but iForex.bg refused to refund my money befor the service started.
Hey guys, just noticed something else on their page beside the now well known scam with multiple exit performance. Compare their daily forecast at 4:00 am GMT with their alleged signal performance (signal alleged sent at 5:15 am GMT +1. What happened in 15m that all signals reverse :p My guess would be they either backdated their performance trades to show profit or they deliberately want their free visitors to fail ... I would have inquired further but then I checked FPA and saw that the site is run by a scammer so it doesn't matter much anyway.

Daily Forecast
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - 4:00 AM GMT

Risk reward: 1.62
Trend: Up
Buy at 1.3426 SL 1.3394 TP 1.3469

Risk reward: 0.91
Trend: Neutral
Sell at 102.01 SL 102.33 TP 101.74

Risk reward: 2.09
Trend: Up
Buy at 1.6966 SL 1.6934 TP 1.7015

Risk reward: 1.13
Trend: Neutral
Sell at 0.9051 SL 0.9083 TP 0.9020

Signal performance pdf:

29.07 5:15 EUR/USD Sell 1.3433 1.3459 1.3383 15:00 23
29.07 5:15 USD/CHF Buy 0.9043 0.9017 0.9093 15:00 22
29.07 5:15 GBP/USD Sell 1.6976 1.7002 1.6916 14:59 44
29.07 5:15 USD/JPY Buy 101.96 101.7 102.46 13:24 16