Zulutrade complain and request of explanation



I have been very surprised when I had locked a trader to do not receive any further closing signals from him, which I did by the config panel and clicking the lock on, and indeed I got a closing signal in a bad situation and I lost 94€. I had planned to close differently because the trader was in a lose trend and in huge DD and I got crashed anyway by some mistake of the system.

I have complained to the assistants and a man called Jorge has told me I did set up the lock AFTER the closing, which I told him it is not true. He insisted showing me some logs but with no date nor time on them and he refused to show me the time, instead he tell me to prove I was telling the truth. I was unable to prove anything else but the screen shot I did after the problem (of course, why should I do and screen-shoot earlier? should I do not trust the system?).

Is it a normal conduct? I am 100% positive in what I did and I tell the truth I swear, that it was set up already before the erroneous closing.