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Zulutrade does not trade about their users at all. See below.
info: Please wait for an Operator to respond.info: You are now chatting with 'Dimitris'Dimitris: Welcome to ZuluTrade Online Support Service. My name is Dimitris. How may I assist you please?Dimitris: Helloyou: I sent message to my followers that I am changing investor password. It was disapproved. Investors should be informed about it to manage existing positions on their ownyou: Do you follow me?you: Do you follow me?Dimitris: Thank you for your patience. I'll be with you in a few seconds.you: And now are you where?you: I do not have any more patience for you zulutradeDimitris: Hello. I am sorry for the delayDimitris: Excuse me but changing your investor password will not prevent you from controlling the tradesDimitris: You could always unlink the account from the metatrader 4 and manually manage the already open trades from the websiteyou: It would prevent youyou: You do not pay meyou: So I dont provide my services anymoreyou: Your users will have to manage open tradesDimitris: Ok, allow me one moment to check the status of your payment requestyou: I did report it 10 timesyou: Dont waste my time any oreDimitris: so I could confirm on whether we have received any updatesyou: Just publish the message to usersDimitris: The payment was requested on the first of OctomberDimitris: *October. We will forward your request to the relevant department in order to process the payment the soonest possibleDimitris: Actually currently the delay is less than your previous payment requested on the 16/04 and executed on the 02/07you: Will you publish the message to users or not?Dimitris: This message will not be published, but I will communicate with the relevant department personally to expedite your paymentyou: Well you dont care about your usersyou: I will publish this transcript to web than

Of course I wont change investor pass when there are open trades but still
I am signal provider zulutrade.com/trader/198760

I had about $60,000 followers balance.

My monthly profit was $100. Zulu had made thousands just on comissions.

The point? They were not able to pay this 100 bucks after 2 months.

So at the beginning of December they still owe me for September trades.


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Send a link to this thread to ZuluTrade and ask them to come here and explain things.