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Zulutrade - SIGNAL PROVIDER Fake

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by rafadahui, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Zulutrade limit the 15 open orders + 15 limit orders with 15 seond interval per day.

    But some signals HAVE OPENED 1032 ORDERS at SAME TIME. (same minute, second, day,...).

    This hurts all of us that we are sending signals at much longer. And it creates a false sense of security to the client.

    Besides making the drawdown and the number of false winning negotiations. For they are many orders that are sent

    I spoke with the media thousands of times about it and they do nothing. Simply ignore this failure. But rules are fully Against The website of Their Own and the NFA
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  2. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    I talk today again with zulutrade support.

    And dont resolv the problem.

    Zulutrade help the Scam Signals....

    See the chat....

    General Info
    Chat start time Dec 7, 2010 11:34:21 AM EST
    Chat end time Dec 7, 2010 12:04:14 PM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 00:29:52
    Operator pauline

    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'pauline'
    pauline: Hello, my name is Pauline, how can I help you?
    you: hi
    you: i have a big problem
    you: I complained once about those providers with a high number of signals orders, for example FastGrow
    you: to take the site had to get in touch with the NFA. But I found that the same are already there again
    you: in fact they were never disabled. You have simply reduced their ranking
    pauline: I am sorry I do not understand the problem
    pauline: What was wrong with the providers?
    you: I have photos of everything. Or are they gone from there or I'll reactivate my complaint with the NFA
    you: the owner of the sign GROW FAST
    you: have many signals
    pauline: yes
    you: and he violated the rules of the site
    you: it is unfair to all other signal providers
    pauline: hold on and I will check the profile out
    you: I already have one complaint with the NFA. He sent orders with milhres that signal to achieve that profit. If that user wants to send signals him to create and send a signal properly like everyone else.
    pauline: I am sorry, I am checking Fast grow right now
    pauline: and he has not executed the number of trades everyday
    pauline: 30 trades per day is allowed
    you: Because with that he went with low drawdown, winning high position, high profit in pips. this is unfair.
    you: yes
    you: but he have
    you: 800 per hour
    you: check the history
    pauline: I am back in November now
    you: I already discussed this once with the support of you. I will not argue again. I'll go straight to the NFA.
    pauline: But from November and now he is ok, no rules has been breaking
    you: Comments (55) Username When Pending approval No comment. AAA24xx 10 hours ago Pending approval * very very very bad ,cutting lose at 600 over pips ,profit is very less ,stay away from ,signal are from other SP signal which he copy
    pauline: it is possible that we gave him a warning
    you: i go talk to you
    pauline: and he adjusted his trading after the trading rules
    you: page 26
    you: page 27
    you: page 28
    pauline: Yes, but it is possible that we informed him about it and he change his trading
    pauline: if you want to make a complaint
    you: are many pages I will not tell again.
    you: yes
    pauline: you can send a e-mail to our sales department
    you: but
    pauline: at sales@zulutrade.com
    you: then let him create a new signal
    you: or let me have 300,000 pips, then I just my sign again
    you: i go send e-mail to NFA cc to sales@zulutrade.com
    pauline: they are authorized to handle these kinds of complaints
    you: or the user creates a new signal. or take this kind of rule of the site. because it est'dando advantage to him and others like him.
    you: or the user creates a new signal. or take this kind of rule of the site. advantage because it is giving him and others like him.\
    you: he is taking advantage. not believe That the NFA to approve this.
    you: this kind of attitude is incorrect
    pauline: only 30 trades will be broadcasted within a 24h window
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com at the end of your chat.
    pauline: if the provider continues to execute more then 30 trades we disable them
    you: not he had 800 open orders within 24 hours.
    pauline: they are titled to get enabled again if they change their trading
    pauline: which this provider as I can see has done
    you: no exception to rules.
    you: he broke the rules. he is earning lots of money breaking the rules.
    you: you will not disable the right signal? even though he had more than 800 open orders
    pauline: no, because none of the signals over 30 will be broadcasted to users
    you: YOU ARE SCAM
    you: Staff Auditor of NFA
    you: i go send e-mail now to him
    pauline: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    pauline: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
    pauline: I will be right with you.
    pauline: Ok Sir, anything else I can help you with at the moment ?
    you: no
    pauline: I will also forward this chat to my supervisor
    you: i want this chat
    you: at my e-mail
    you: i request this
    you: and i copy this
    pauline: and he will be in contact with you as soon as possible
    you: i send anex to NFA
    you: now
    you: thanks
    pauline: you can have a copy of this transcript
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com at the end of your chat.
    you: ok
    pauline: simply go to the top right corner
    pauline: and click on the e-mail button
    you: yes i requested
    you: Chat InformationYour chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com at the end of your chat.
    pauline: yes, now it has been sent to you
    you: ok
    you: thanks

  3. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    It looks like the chat rep said that he adjusted his trading and is now working inside the rules. Is this correct?
  4. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Once one person did it in one account, there had to be done again. They said he changed the strategy, then I say, then why not create a new one?

    This was a method used to leverage the account. The strategy he had long ago. You can see that it does peak pips.

    If you already have 280,000 pips does not have to repeat the same thing.
    He needed to do this only once.

    I asked, as he has adapted. To begin a new one. Nothing more fair. Or let everyone make 280,000 pips.

    Why can not get another account from scratch? Because he has no profit!
    In three months he has done almost nothing! Who used only sign of him complain!
    I think the signal is someone who works in zulutrade..


    Me after 280.000pips also learn the right strategy. Why not leave me then? Or why not let everyone else do the 280,000. The customer of them (if someone is a client or from inside) already have what you need. Is not correct.

    The last time I complained to NFA, the signal disappeared from the rankings and moved to position 800 alone. How can this happen? Manipulated? As the signal was the same! They all just disappeared and went to 800. They hid from me because of complaints but had never been deleted. That is dirty!

    What would be correct: Talking to the client to create a new sign, following the rules (because it was sent out 800 orders in one hour). For he is using an advantage to win customers! The signal because of so many orders are giving a false signal gain, a drawdon false, false signal of winning positions, everything becomes false when it has more than 2000 orders winners (as it did several times this kind of dirty) that not exist in the real signal.
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    FOREXCZ Private, 1st Class

    Feb 10, 2010
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    Who is this provider?
    I saw this in another provider about 2months ago and complained to zulu about it. He had like 100+ trades per day.
    Their response was that he was exploiting: he was connecting his MT4, sending signals, then disconnecting it, connected another MT4 and again sent signals.
    They said they resolved this and I remember not seeing this provider doing it again. Ill look for the emails to see who was it.
    I say you send them an email about it, cause it affect all zulutrade users, like me.
  6. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    The provider is the FASTGROW, but the owner of that sign has many other signs doing the same thing. He sent it long ago. But his record will always affect everyone if your signal is not canceled.
    Because if the sign is still on him, always have false data as drawdown, winning positions, etc ...

    THE SIGN MUST BE REMOVED, to not have this disadvantage to us that we send signals, and clear. The Cinal is violating the site rules.

    Already got in touch with the NFA, now I want a position ForexPeaceArmy.
  7. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    I've done every test possible to try to send 1000 orders. There is no way to reconnect as soon as he does. He opens every 1 minute orders. I do not believe this sign has not been disconnected by zulutrade.
  8. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Zulutrade = Scam Signals = He Wins With The Signals Too.

    I Think This.

    I Coment About This Problem Here At Link Of Zulu. But My Coment Never Apear.....

    I ordered a new comment again on page zulutrade. Let's see if they put there or are covering up what some say and manipulating the comments.
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  9. rafadahui

    rafadahui Recruit

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Zulutrade have a problem.... But he go resolves... I THINK...

    General Info
    Chat start time Dec 8, 2010 8:56:03 AM EST
    Chat end time Dec 8, 2010 9:57:13 AM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 01:01:10
    Operator Dimitris

    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Dimitris'
    Dimitris: Hello.Welcome to ZuluTrade. How may I assist you please?
    you: hello dimitri
    you: i have a problem
    Dimitris: Please give me your account number first]
    you: I complained yesterday signal GROW FAST
    Dimitris: please give me your account username
    you: i am signal provider
    you: secretforexmasterpips
    Dimitris: and regarding which subject have you complained yestrerday?
    you: GROW FAST signal is a signal activated to have infringed the rules of the site.
    you: because if you break the rules can not exist because you have them
    you: and told me that probelem had been resolved. I just saw a new sign, with less than one week and 114,000 pips
    you: and told me that this problem had been resolved. I just saw a new sign, with less than one week and 114,000 pips
    Dimitris: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    Dimitris: So,your complaint is regarding another Signal Provider ?
    you: My complaint is about all the providers that are outside the rules.
    Dimitris: And how come are those Providers outside the rules?
    you: He has in its history over 100 .... 200 .... 400 ... orders per hour. This is against the rules.
    you: We have a solution
    you: Excluding this exception/rule or excluding the signal.
    Dimitris: one moment pelase to check
    Dimitris: please give me an Signal Provider name who you think he has broken the rules
    you: if the new signal is excluded, because I'll monitor it. I'll want everyone to be excluded.
    Dimitris: Who has not been excluded
    you: Lilit, Fast Grow, max500, forestal, Max Payne,
    you: If you exclude the signal has to release this rule for all.
    you: We all have right to open more than 30 orders
    Dimitris: please give me an example of why the Provider Max Payne has broken the rules
    you: ok
    you: page page 24..25..26...
    you: of history
    you: page 19,20 ,21,22.23
    Dimitris: Ok,I see this has occurred due to aproblem of our platform which receive all the signals from his metatrader history
    you: look, tod time is the same thing
    you: you think I do not think the problem
    Dimitris: this happened because the provider was disconnected and when he became connected again the full page of history were received
    you: no
    you: because max payne use demo
    you: demo dont import history
    Dimitris: He uses demo MT$
    Dimitris: demo mt4 indeed import history
    you: no
    you: because my ever matter?
    Dimitris: and if they are disconnected due to a problem the full history is transfered
    you: my mt4 never imported history....
    Dimitris: this is a problem we are aware and we are trying to resolve it as we speak
    you: and others?
    Dimitris: Well,this is weakness of the Performance page which we are trying to resolve
    you: has many signs there doing this. They are stealing customers and ranking.
    you: Look I have nothing against you
    you: But if you know the problem, there is a rule. You can will delete the sign of who did it.
    Dimitris: Well,we are also against this issue because we are trying for the ranking to be the most fair possible
    Dimitris: Thsi unfortunately for now is a weak spot which need to be corrected
    you: Why do not exclude the signal or else release once the orders. This solves the problem.
    Dimitris: The problem will be changed if the history is imported through the mt4 and reflected properly is ZuluTrade
    you: Cancel import
    you: demo mt4 dont import history
    you: i know
    Dimitris: Well,is the disconnection problem is resolved once and for all then the import can be cancelled
    you: so...
    Dimitris: So,we will try to resolve the issue in order to restore the Performance Page
    you: how long?
    you: or I'll have to create new signs with 115,000
    you: because it is so unfair to everyone, the way it is
    Dimitris: Since it is an issue our technical department is working on I cannot give you an exact timeframe
    you: but the signs of someone who is outside the rules. because they can not be excluded?
    Dimitris: because we don't delete trades from the database
    you: but delete signal
    you: he go lost the followers
    you: he wins big money with this
    Dimitris: The signal should not be deleted
    you: and not fair
    Dimitris: We will try to resolve the issue
    you: disconnect for 10 years
    Dimitris: In the meantime why don't you focus in your own account in order to try to improve your ranking
    you: he broke de rules
    Dimitris: ok,we will bear in mind your suggestions
    you: I already have my strategy. I have other better signal. that follows the rules.
    Dimitris: ok,that nice to hear
    you: gridbrail
    you: Grid Bra$il
    you: i send with 15 second interval
    you: I made several changes in the rules to enter.
    Dimitris: I see, we appreciate that
    you: I made several changes in the rules to enter.
    you: so do not think it is fair
    Dimitris: You are right
    Dimitris: We will try to resolve the issue and restore justice to the PErformance
    Dimitris: You are right, nobody should be beyond the rules
    you: I know that many here are struggling two years. And there comes a guy with 2 .. 3 months. And breaking the rules steals customers. Moreover customers are complaining
    Dimitris: And out side we are concerned, We want only the best and more feasible providers to be on the top of the Performance,since it is our necessity for the suers to gain profit and trade more
    you: sure

    This most the problem... right... now...

    What we do?

    Solutions please....

    FPA help please....

    FOREXCZ Private, 1st Class

    Feb 10, 2010
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    You are right! It was this guy which was opening 100+ trades! But this was like 2 months ago.
    I filed a report back then and they told me it was resolved and I think it is resolved. If you see his recent history you wont see so many trades, so I dont understand why you are complaining?

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