Dear All,

I have a question, i was going to join zulutrade live until i read some of the reviews so my question is

Are their alternative services online similar to Zulutrade ? if so, which ones would u recommend ?

- How is it possible to have a Demo account from zulutrade that does not expire ? Can i open a live account with them and not actually trade it and get a Demo that do not expire from them ?


Banned spammer for ZuluTrade
there a lot of 'alternatives' (and here i put them in quotation marks because i have tried and my accounts bursted negative in no time).......other than that zulutrade s the only alternative you cna get money from following signals.
i does exprire the demo - 30 days tops..then you have to make a new one.
if you are going to spam against zulutrade and open a thread to talk about how bad it is (because this is the feeling i've got from you) know that you are wasting literary your time. and better do not open an accoutn there - you'll end up like the rest of the failure users/providers winning here in this forum.
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