11. The Forex Trading Coach Is Born

The Forex Trading Coach company was officially launched in May 2009 and I decided to go ahead and establish the company and the website as a result of the tremendous response and feedback that I was getting from the first few initial people who I taught. It was really pleasing to get that kind of positive response because I realised that I actually really had a great passion for teaching Forex. You see it’s a question I get asked quiet a lot and it’s a fully reasonable question. People say to me, “Hey Andrew if you’re so good at trading Forex for yourself, why on earth do you need to either, one waste your time teaching people or two, why are you giving away your secrets. Why you do that?” I believe in helping people. I believe in also helping people who want to help themselves. I also believe in thinking outside of the box, thinking outside the square. 

When you think about the Forex market, it is a slightly different investment to what most people would consider an investment. As a career, Forex trading is quite different to what most people would consider to be a standard career. For me coming from a very practical, agricultural land based background to now suddenly finding myself making my entire income online through trading it was a complete change around and a complete change circumstances and a change of mindset more than anything because so many people get stuck into their day to day routines and once you become a dentist or a doctor or a mechanic or a plumber or whatever it might be that you do, that tends to be what you remain as. 

What I found over time is that as I started teaching more and more people I was meeting more and more like-minded people. More and more people who are prepared to give something different to go; people who are prepared to try something against the normal run of play; people who are okay having their friends thinking a bit strange from trying this “Forex gambling type of thing online”. 

This attitude came from not so much ignorance but a lack of understanding on behalf of their friends; so I was finding that I was meeting more and more like-minded people, entrepreneurial type of people, people who wanted to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their family and friends and love ones because Forex really does offer you that opportunity but of course like anything it takes hard work and dedication. 

So I was finding that the more I was teaching the more I was getting in terms of the enjoyment, the more I was getting in terms of the feedback from people with the positive responses - the more I was also learning myself. You see to teach anything you have to be extremely knowledgeable and good at it and to teach something you end up finding that you get taught more and more yourself because you are constantly teaching that method or that strategy or whatever it is that you teach. You’re constantly teaching that to someone new. 

So when I was starting in my early days as The Forex Trading Coach, I was teaching people from absolute beginners, people who really had very little computer knowledge whatsoever. In fact there was one person who really didn’t know what the on button was right through to people who had been trading not just Forex but other markets for a number of years. The variety of people was amazing but I did find that overtime there wasn’t really a correlation between brand new traders and experienced traders in terms of who ended up making the most or being the most successful. 
I believe that to be a good Forex trader you need to have the right mindset, you need to have an enjoyment of trading, the passion for trading. You've really got to want to make it work. You’ve got to be sensible as well and treat it like a business which I’ll talk about later.

I’ll also talk about the 80/20 rule later as well because it really does apply to trading as well in terms that for me as a coach I was finding that around 80% of my clients overall were very successful and probably 20% were achieving break-even to not making money or even giving up over time. 

That is to be expected as not everybody is perfectly suited for trading and again I’ll talk about that later on during another chapter. 

Back to the trading and The Forex Trading Coach. I believe in helping people, I was finding that it was helping not only them but it was helping my own trading and so developing the company to me seem the natural thing to do. You see, out there, there are all sorts of Forex Coaching companies, educators, etc., whether they be physically teaching on stage or online or via webinars whatever it might be. Now they all have their good and bad points and I’m not here to knock any of them. I have my own personal opinions about some of them and I will keep those to myself. However, as I taught more and more people I got to hear few horror stories along the way from some very well-known companies, stories from people who had paid a lot of money to go on the courses run by some extreme well-known companies. The common story all the way through was they didn’t work and people were still not making money, or they were tied to huge subscriptions ongoing just to get the information they needed. 

Some people took a course for weekend and then all of a sudden they needed like the “Advance Course” six months later so they had to then go and spend yet more money to do the “let’s tell you our advance trader’s secrets” course!

I was really determined that with my course I wasn’t going to have that kind of approach. It was also really important for me to, as my main priority, to remain a Forex trader. I didn’t want to be known as someone who was out there teaching because I couldn’t trade. It’s not the case; it never has been the case and never will be the case. I always will and want to remain as a Forex trader and a profitable Forex trader – number one, because I believe that it’s really important to keep that. I don’t want to be out there as an educator but a failed trader because that really does nobody any favors and so trading and being successful at trading and keeping up to date with all the new technology within trading and looking at improving strategies within my trading, that has always and will always remain my number one priority. 

Passing that information on to people who chose to be clients is a very close second but being a profitable trader myself first and foremost needs to always be my priority. So I believe that passing on that information, my knowledge, my experience and my strategies to my client has been really important as I pass all of that information on. I don’t want to hide the last 10% that makes the big difference. I’m not interested in that. So I made the decision from day one that if people will going to trust in me with their time, with their money, to trust in me to deliver the goods for them, then I needed to deliver the absolute best service, the best strategy, the best product, the best follow up care that I possibly could and do everything that I could to ensure that they in turn became a profitable Forex trader. 

However my clients still need to put time and effort into learning the principles themselves. I wasn’t there to hold hands as in do absolute everything for them on an ongoing basis. I need to help people along the way, hold their hands yes but ultimately my aim as a Forex coach was over time for the client to develop into being a trader by themselves; being their own trader independent of me. Yes I’m still there for help, support, ongoing help, backup, webinars or whatever it might be that they need from me - but over time I believe that as a client of The Forex Trading Coach you need to be able to stand on your own two feet, be independent, learn to take trades by yourself and make your own trading decisions. 

If people change the strategy slightly to suit themselves, that’s fine. I don’t like it when people change it too much because then you end up adding too many extras to it and really, why re-invent the wheel again when it’s already been created and is working well. Naturally some people will always tinker with things and add a few little improvements if they see them as improvements, that’s absolutely fine. 

So my job once somebody decided to come on board, was to give them everything I could to ensure that they were profitable. For some people that took a short amount of time for others that took a lot longer and that’s just human nature not everybody learns or develops at the same speed.

Some people even have stopped trading for few months and have gone back and looked at other strategies and other courses and then come back to me in the end and said, “Look Andrew I now realize that your strategy was the best for me but because I didn’t understand it initially or didn’t quite get it initially I ended up going off on another tangent and then came back to you and realized that I should have stayed with and your strategy all along. Again that’s just human nature; people will do that from time to time. 

For me as someone who had been on many other courses; I’ve been on property courses, other business courses, entrepreneurial type of courses, I didn’t want to get to a stage where my clients had a product from me, whether I taught them in person or whether they had the video or webinar tuition that followed later, I didn’t want to them to have that and then have no follow up.

When I went on other courses for property and business etc., I found that a lot of them, you get all the razzmatazz and you’re all pumped and you come home with big folders, and DVD’s and CD’s and all the information that you’ve learned and over time you get back into the normal routine of daily life and all the information that you had learned, you basically don’t use. Now whether that was my fault or whether that was the fault of the courses that I went on, probably a bit of both? 

So I was determined to give my clients not only a good product in terms of the strategy upfront but also ongoing help. So I developed a membership site that people could log into every single day and look at my market analysis, trade suggestions that I was taking and help for them so they could end up training their eye on a daily basis, to look for the same trade setups that I was looking at.
It was also really important for me not to make that a another signal service or a money making service for people just to become reliant on but I needed that to help train their eye so every day they could look at their charts, see what I was taking myself based on the reasons for the entry, the stop losses, the profit targets and then they could go to the charts and then see those same trade setups for themselves. 

So what that was doing was teaching the client the art of reading the chart and it is something they could do on an ongoing basis because they have my analysis every day to look at. The other thing that I also added for clients at that time was to hold live trading room webinars. It's all well and good teaching someone in front of them for a day and then they’re on their own. That’s okay but that’s not perfect. I believe that the best way of learning how to trade is of course to watch someone trading in real time. You can’t always do that in front of the person when you're there teaching them because you can’t take trades and give all of the reasons for taking a trade when you’re only half way through the course. 

So having the live trading room webinars meant that I could trade on a live account, people could watch me trade on my charts and see me actually taking the trades. Whether they ended up being good or bad trades is not really quite so much the point. It means that they could watch me taking trades and listen to my analysis of the market and my interpretation of the market, what was happening right now on the charts, hear me talking out loud to them, watching me move my computer mouse around my charts taking the trade and seeing how the trade develops. So the live trading room webinars really were a majorly important part of why I believe so many of my clients become successful, because they could oversee follow along and take the trades that they wish to or they could just watch and see the trade setups and listen to why I’m taking trades or why I’m not taking trades. 

It’s also important to understand why not to take a trade. There may be a reasonably good setup occur on the charts but at the same time there could be a reason why not to take the trade and as a beginning trader you may miss that reason. If you were to take that trade by yourself it would more likely a losing trade. So by listening to me taking a trade and saying “yes I really like this setup because of ABC but just be aware I’m not taking the trade because of XYZ”. So I can see some reasons to take the trade but also I could see some warning sign to say don’t take the trade.

Therefore, I’m letting that trade pass; I’m not taking it and so you can learn just as much information about taking successful trades by watching someone analyze the market and then decide not to take the trade. You can learn as much that way as you can by someone just taking trades and placing them into the market.

My main aim as The Forex Trading Coach was to develop a strategy for my clients but also an ongoing help for my clients that made my course stand out above all the others that I could find out there because my main aim if I was to spend the time doing this, if I was taking money off people for this, if I was expecting them to give up time for this, was to give them everything that they needed to be a profitable Forex trader. 

"To become a Profitable Forex Trader doesn’t require you to sit in front of your computer all day and night. You can have a life and still trade well."

Andrew Mitchem

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