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Updated: May 4, 2015
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UK, United Kingdom,
Jun 24, 2013,

I would like to add a review based on my experience of VistaFX Trading group.
My story is similar to that experienced by others on this form.
There performance results first of all are not what they trade as posted on myfxbook, the broker used is pepperstones on myfxbook, but there managed accounts are through VantageFX, I was also lucky enough to see the trades they post on myfxbook before they blocked it and that's when I e-mailed them asking them why they place different trades on my account to what they show on myfxbook, they then tell you they have many different managed accounts and that the trading strategies are the same.

These guys are gamblers, not traders, they don't trade with any stops in place and let the loosing trades run and run, they will tell you they are bearish on the AUD/USD, but they keep placing buy positions, in the end they placed 90 + buy positions for the AUD/USD on my account.
They claim to be based in Gibraltar in Spain , but I don't think this is true.I am surprised that VantageFX continues to support VistaFX when they know that there performance results are not valid, so there website is a scam.

VistaFX also wont give you any Telephone number to contact them on, so they are cowards hiding behind there website.

Stay away from VistaFX, they lie about everything, I wish I had revoked the LPOA earlier when they started to get more than 50% open DD.

Rh.-Land Pfalz, Germany,
Jun 7, 2013,

Let your fingers away from VistaFx. They have totally ruined my portfolio. There are absolute losers in trading and have no idea.
, Canada,
May 31, 2013,

Stay away from Vista FX. This guy took my 15K and decimated it down to 5K. He opened up about 60 or 70 trades all in AUD/USD and then it went the wrong way. He ends up making profit and taking his PF while your account has lost about 70% of it's original value. The % is even worse if you include the so called 'profit'.

Based on my experience in managed FX accounts, they are all likely to result in you (and I ) losing money. FX companies will state that about 98% of the people trading FX lose their money. And these traders are not the great professionals they claim to be. Well - I guess they are professional in that they get us of our own stupidity to give them money to trade. While they make money on PF, you will likely lose the majority of your account.

Stay away from Vista FX and stay away from all manged FX accounts. Show me one that actually makes money long term.
Bratislava, Slovakia,
May 22, 2013,

I have opened managed account in later February 2012. The first thing that shocked me was the fact that they trades they show on myfxbook website were not the same as the ones being executed on my account. I notify them about this issue and what they did is they just hid the open and closed trades on myfxbook so the potential clients wouldn´t see.

They say on their website their maximum drawdown is 15%, but my account already experienced a DD of 75%!!!

Currently my account has a floating DD of 55%!!! And these guys keep closing only profit trades to keep increasing the balance so they get paid through performance fee and on the other hand the equity is -55%.

I should have revoke my LPoA earlier to avoid this horrible loss.

Not to forgot to mention: The first trade they opened was GBPUSD short. The trade went into 400 pips profit and you know what guys from Vista did? Absolutely nothing, they kept holding the short and let it ran to 300 pips loss!! So amateur. The trade is now open for more than 3 month and they already closed one third of it in small profit.

They use VantageFX UK which is the only positive thing about them.

I recommend you to stay away from them as they lie to me from beginning.

Please clisk on the live discussion thread above as I will put my live statetemnt there as a proof.