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Updated: Jun 25, 2018
3.894 · 25 REVIEWS
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3.894 · 25 REVIEWS
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Stockholm, Sweden,
Jun 25, 2018,
Registered user

100% loss of account from the worst service ever encountered.

Funny that Foyle Capital spends time replying and trying to protect their reputation instead of replying to actual clients. I have sent close to one hundred mails trying to get a response from you and now you want me to contact you? Reply to the one customer you have with a name of Kerstin and you will find me!

Account loss is 100% at this date, and there are no replies or emails from Foyle Capital regarding this, there was a total disrespect of trading rules and the maximum stop loss etc were never enforced, trading just continued and the trade size for the account in the end were utterly ridiculous given the sales pitch from the start.

Any other client who have suffered or been lured into this complete scam of a company please get in touch with me.

Jan 17, 2018 - 1 Star Do understand that all good reviews on this company are from guest users and most likely made by Foyle Capital themselves or on behalf of them by friends and family.

Me as a client since 2 years have seen what this company and the man behind it really is, a true scam artist!

Dec 20, 2017 - 1 Star Worst service I have ever encountered.

85% loss on my account so far, they have no customer service, does not reply to emails, will not halt trading on my account even though numerous email have been sent, does not have a working telephone number.

I am considering pressing charges for breach of contract and are currently looking for other clients for a class action and take this company and its owner to civil court. If you are a customer, please contact me!

Reply by FOYLEC submitted Jun 21, 2018 Hi,

We didnt/dont have any clients from Stockholm.

Please contact to clarify this comment.

Susan hartley,
Wimbledon. London., United Kingdom,
Sep 6, 2017,

Good but not amazing.

Did a lot of diligence before investing here.
Been ok so far.
Good july but weak august.
Not been their most amazing year but still good profits.
Good bet for a long termer.
No get rich scheme.
Give 4 stars for now. Will revisit later depending on how last 4 months of 2017 go.
Stefan frein,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 7, 2017,

Good. Really good.

I was apprehensive of managed account but after many attempts failed to trade myself I handed my money over to pros.
Glad I did.
No stress for me now leave to someone else.
Should have done years ago.
Foyle are very communicative and easy to open account etc.
Good performance as well without daft risk.
Atid Swabesj,
Bangkok, Thailand,
Aug 6, 2017,

Very happy Client

I have used Foyle for 3 years now, they have some loss months but always make money over the year,
Last month they did extraordinary 22%.
Its a great management company but you need to be patient as some months have no gains,
Pradeep Shivaz,
Male, Maldives,
Sep 26, 2016,

It has been most wonderful dealing with Foyle Capital

I have already recommended their services to my colleagues

Jennifer Jones,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 21, 2016,

Great company

Great service offered by the Foyle Capital team

It has been great dealing with you guys, and I look forward to our future
Roy Wellensey,
Aldershot, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2016,

I have used them since early 2016 and still a happy client.
Some drawdown in July so far, but been a great year...
As long as you understand drawdown and expect 10-15% drawdown on your account then you will have great returns.
Way better than I expected.
Pepperstone (the broker) have been good service too, but not so great in forexpeacearmy...strangely.

Review Moderation Team Note: All brokers will have some unhappy clients. If you like Pepperstone and think they deserve a better rating, expressing that opinion on Foyle Capital's page won't help. Instead, you are welcome to leave a review for Pepperstone.
Pepe Garillo,
Madrid, Spain,
Jun 30, 2016,

It been very high experience with Foyle.
I have not had much luck in forex before that, so many scam EA and other bad products.
But it seems money managers have the only way to make profit in this crazy market forex.
I wish i learned this many years before wasting many euros.
I can say Foyle Cap know exactly what to do.

Philippe Clement,
Nice, France,
Jun 5, 2016,

I had been looking for a money manager for a long time.
When I found this solution I could not be more pleased.

Simple process to get started, through very good broker.

Approach to risk is excellent which is most important for me.

Highly recommended.
Jeremy Keane,
IFSC, Dublin, Ireland,
May 11, 2016,

Very popular manager within the International Financial Services Centre at Dublin.
Algo Strategy proved very profitable over many months,
Excellent risk management and accomplished trading.
A genuine MM with longevity in the market.
A rare find in this industry.