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Updated: Oct 1, 2018
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March 2016:  The CFTC has filed fraud charges against VaultOptions.  CLICK HERE for all the details.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.


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1 · 10 REVIEWS
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, Czech Republic,
Jul 22, 2014,

Hello Traders,
Do not waste your money guys.
I just lost myne because of a stupid broker. They have no idea how to trade.One of the broker from the firm was trading for me.He screwed 90% of what I have.I got a call saying they fired that broker because he screwed my account.But within 2 days the same broker called me back for appology.He said he can not trade anymore for me,somebody else call assist me with tradetrade and I hope they wont screw what left in my account.
My advise keep away from this broker
(I will update you if they call me)
Brisbane, Australia,
Mar 18, 2014,

I have put in requests to withdraw my deposit on numerous occasions from these scum bags but they will not acknowledge my emails and also spoken to different people regarding withdrawal but they do not want to know about it but only want me to deposit more money. Even had one tell me it was their money and good luck getting it back. Dont know if forex peace army can do anything about this criminal outfit.

2013-11-15 1Star Vault options would have to be biggest crooks in options trading. I made the mistake of joining them. I keep getting calls from different people telling me they were my A/c manager and recommending trades. Most trades were negative. When funds were low I would get another call from someone else From the recovery department and I would need to put more funds in a/c so I could have secure trades to get my money back. After these trades only the winning trade was credited to my a/c and not the supposidly insured trade. I have emailed them on numerous occasions to give me a call to discuss the matter. I still have money in my A/C but dont like the chances of getting that back.
Please do not have anything to do with these scam artist run a mile. These people should be investigated and locked up.
Rod Taylor
Geoffrey Beer,
Wooli. NSW., Australia,
Dec 5, 2013,

This company, is absolutely, positively on the nose. Despite 4 contact forms,no response whatsoever.Withdrawal requests cancelled internally 3 times.
, South Africa,
Nov 26, 2013,

Well it looks like Ive made the same mistake in joining Vault Options. My husband works in Canada and I am in South Africa. We thought this will be a way out for us. For me and our kids to join him in Canada soon. Guess I was conned as well. I tried calling my so called broker, Adam but apparently he was in a meeting. Im sure if I call again he will be out of town or there will be some sort of excuse why i cannot talk to him. Very heartbreaking as we do not know when we will see my husband again. Maybe a year or 2?? Ive made a request to withdraw my $240. I already know I most probably wont get my money back.
Jordan Royce,
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Nov 16, 2013,

I decide to withdraw $200 which was marked as pending. Then it was updated after a week of evasive phone calls to cancelled. When I enquired about this I was blatently lied to. Apparently my personal broker was away on business, which is why it was cancelled. WTF does that gibberish even mean? I was told to resubmit the same withdrawal which has again been pending for over a week with no money. Add to this abuse and general rudeness from their customer service operators, who WILL phone you in the middle of the night with no regard to your time zone, and then be rude to you for asking them not to ring at this hour! And you have a complete nightmare scenario. They are the WORST I have ever come across in this industry. These guys are simply up to no good! The service of being a binaries broker is merely cover to obtain monies off people, then make up every excuse to keep it. it isn't even subtle. At the moment their is a guy called Nicholas Grey offering a bogus magical binaries bot that is simply a lure for people to sign up with Vault Options. Avoid this guy like the plague. Please let's all of us spread the word about them as far and wide as possible
Catarina Figueiredo,
Lisboa, Portugal,
Oct 20, 2013,

On the 4th Oct.2013 I opened an account at Vault Options and fund it with €100 (the balance is in $US because I made the mistake of not changing the currency. They accepted as $US even after I did use my credit card from a European bank in €euros). On the 6th Oct. I decided to withdraw my money without having done anything whatsoever about trading. My balance was the same $100. Two days after (8th) I enter the site to see if the withdraw was accepted and my balance was $76. I have checked my account and someone did put a trade for me. I decided to call them, talked to a person from their office, exposed all the situation and he said to me that he will send me an email right after our conversation in order to regulate all this situation. Th email never arrived and by the end of the day my balance was $93 because someone has used my account again to trade but this time it was not a lose. Today (the 9th) I opened the site and my balance was $45 because they used my account again and they lose. So I call their office, talked to a girl, explained her what was going on and she said no one was there to talk to me but they will called me back as soon as they could...
Today is the 10th of Oct. and they didn't call back... I opened the site and found out that someone traded using again my account. My balance is now €20. Called them again, spoke with a girl, she said there was nobody with I could talk to and she would call me back as soon as the right person get in the office. Until now, the 20th!

Singapore, Singapore,
Oct 12, 2013,

I am a Foreigner currently working in Singapore to support my family. I had encountered this company few days ago and tried registering. Initially I only plan to try US$100, but somebody had called me and informed me that the US$100 promotion no longer exist. So I need to put US$250. Though, I am in bad financial crisis, I thought as this is the only way for me to increase my income to pay all my debts. I know it sound silly, but this is the option I could think of during that time as the video is so enticing. Then I started trading. I actually gained 700 from 250 which is not bad, however, the following day I lost all of them. Then a guy called me to propose that if I deposited 2k, I will be able to do a secured trade, which when I trade and I lost, I can get back the money, and more is, they said they can put my 2k to 4k in a matter of an hour. Who will not fall for this, especially, with a financial crisis I am having right now. I even told myself that just for a few trading, I can get 40k, which is sufficient to just pay my loan, and I am done. I even promise myself after that, I will stop cos I dont want to get addicted to it. So I deposited last night USD2000, trade begins, the broker assisted me to do the trading. We did two trades, he assisted me what to pick and how to do it. After doing the trading, he told me that he will contact me after 30mins cos the trade is only for 30mins. After 30 mins, one trade win one trade lost, Meaning, he owe me my 1k. So I waited for him for 1 hour, no call. I tried seeking assistance from hotline, but hotline told me that the called the broker and the broker is not replying. I told them of my lost, they looked into my portfolio and told me they had sent me an email to claim my so called "bonus". However, I noticed on the letter, they said that bonus can claim only for a minimum of 30 trades and for $1 Bonus each. So I didnt sign the form and started to send them an email. I even go to their live chat every hour till now to seek assistance. But there is no available to answer.
My apology if this is too long, just that when I saw this chain of comments regarding the company, my heart beat fast, and cried. That my dream of finishing all my loan was over. Instead it made it worst. I do not know if somebody there can help me to advise on how to get my money back. I do not know how to feed my family now because of this.
, USA,
Oct 10, 2013,

I got ripped off! Web says min. deposit is $100. I sent$100 and was told it is $250. I asked for my money back,It was returned after 3 days, Then they took $100 from my acct again with no authorization! I am still trying to get it back when I call they hang up on me DON'T DO IT!!
Anne Small,
Greensboro NC, USA,
Sep 26, 2013,

Contact your Better Business Bureau. They have an online form to file a complaint on their web page. You can also contact your state government about this. You would have to do a little digging around on google to find out to whom to address the issue. I think it may be the state general or attorney general; my husband knows, but he is asleep. May write in again later about that.
Claudio Gochez,
, El Salvador,
Jul 31, 2013,

I deposited $10,000 to trade binary options with Vaultoptions in April 2013. I made some trades, I made a profit of $1131.03. About $900.00 disappeared from my account. I requested withdrawal of the whole amount. It took them more than one month to return me $5,000 through credit card. The other $5,231.03 that still show in my balance have not been approved for withdrawal. I spent the last 2 months calling them, emailing them, chatting with them about this and I've had no success, they've stolen my money. I wish they would at least have the decency to give me back at least my money, don't care much about the profit. I never accepted bonus in this account, so there should not be any reason for them not returning my funds.