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March 4, 2015:The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. NRGBinary is on that list. CLICK HERE to verify.


The FPA considers NRG Binary to be a scam.  The FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with NRGBinary.  If you have money with this broker, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it as quickly as possible.


NRG Binary clients who are having trouble getting their funds are asked to leave a review and then follow the other instructions in this thread
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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NRGbinary  is an internationally renowned private trading and investment company. What differentiates us from others is our commitment to our customers.

With our unique one-of-a kind trading software and long standing highest performance ratings, we always aim to stay at the top.

NRGbinary offers its traders a vast selection of  Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and pairs, all from our easily accessible Web & Mobile platforms.

NRGbinary has an extraordinary global presence with an outstanding 24/6 customer support service and secured banking options.

Using the most innovative technology available today and with a comprehensive knowledge of the world’s top financial markets, NRGbinary is proud to open it’s trading platform to all traders, regardless of investment preferences and account size.


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1.017 · 52 REVIEWS
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ken woodlands,
singapore, Singapore,
Jan 2, 2015,

I asked to deposit $500 from my credit card into this scammer. Instead he lied to my bankers and withdraw $5k from my credit card. After cancelling my card, they still managed to use my old credit card number to withdraw another $2k from my bank by again lying to them that I have agreed to take up their bonuses offer. When I asked for a withdrawal, they ask me to deposit another 5k and insist that I trade through them, so that I can meet the minimum requirement for withdrawal. Ridiculous!
, Germany,
Jan 1, 2015,

I´also a victim of NRGBinary. They transferred my money to a MT4plattform on Oct 14, 2014 without aksing or informing me. Upto now I have no access: my Broker Michael Vinyard and the Customer Support don´t answer my emails. I will JOIN THE COMPLAINT with a lawyer . If you are also a victim,please contact him and participate. The more we are, the better it is. It will strengthen our position and also lower costs.
Maria Cillerova,
, Slovakia,
Dec 2, 2014,

My experience with NRG is a terrible one. At the beginning a friendly manager called me every day. But after he reached his goal - drew
money from my account everything turned to a horror. I am trying to get back the rest of my account but there is no response.I think they have one direction email post. Few times I had "success" having a chat. Each time there was another person with the totally washed brain.If I had no money there it would be humor. They are really
ARROGANT BRUTES and I hope that they will be punished .
Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
Nov 21, 2014,

NRG scam alert
Watch out for NRG binary (NRGbinary - Binary Options Trading), they are a scam. There are currently 3 guilty cases held against them. They do not like to withdraw money to you at all; they will use delaying tactics such as account manager ignorance. My account manager would try offloading the blame saying the process was out of his hands. It most certainly isn't! Your account manager should be there to support you. Mine does not answer calls or respond to emails! The man, who is supposed to help with disputes, is in fact very unhelpful. With my issue of over two months, he hasn't replied to my multiple emails.
They tried to claim I had bonus capital which I don't (more delaying tactics).

Do not trade with NRG; they will hold your money and try their hardest not to give it back. They will ask for more and more deposits. Once you start to voice your concern, you get ignored. Do not let this happen to you!

Nursamsu Kamaly,
Kendari, Indonesia,
Nov 11, 2014,

I make withdraw at 13-10-2014 but until now still in pending progress
i try to email them but no reply email

this is scam after all
scam scam scam
Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
Nov 5, 2014,

I was not able to withdraw my money from NRG Binary broker.
Several requests were sent for more than 4 months
yet they didn't respond.
Warwickshire, United Kingdom,
Nov 5, 2014,

My experience with these jokers mirrors David's. I have been waiting for a withdrawal for over 6 weeks. I have sent out emails daily, but not had a single response. I have tried the phone, Twitter, Skype, and chat services, none of which work. The only way I can get to talk to these wankers is to open a new account using a bogus name. It invariably leads to them cutting the call. Upon further investigation, the regulators in both Seychelles and Cyprus warn against this company, so proceed with care. Actually, avoid like the plague.
Hampshire, United Kingdom,
Oct 26, 2014,

I was recommended to open an account with NRG Binary by one of their Scam affiliate web sites offering trading signals. I had been day trading spot FX and I thought I would give Binary Options a try. I had several calls in the early days from different account managers offering to trade on my behalf, I explained to each one that I was not interested and was just trying out Binary Options trading, in the end I blocked the number as the calls kept coming ! I traded successfully but having several requests to withdraw money declined with no reason I decided to call it a day ! I have been trying now for over two months to close my account. I have hung on the phone several times for over 30 minutes to try to get through to Customer services. Live chat does not work, I get a prompt to email Customer support. After repeated emails still nothing, I have messaged an Account Manager via Skype but he did not return my call. They are clearly a Scam, stay away from them !
Mohammed Ikbarieh,
Kuwait , Kuwait,
Oct 23, 2014,

They are scam and cheater . not advising any one to invests with them, they will show real faces when you ask them that you want to withdraw your money. they will open deal and lose the money
Jesper Hansen,
, Denmark,
Oct 17, 2014,

It is completely impossible to withdraw from NRG, and if you make a withdraw request they will do crazy trades to bring your account to zero.

They do not respond to emails, phone calls, chat or Skype calls.

Please, if you have not started with NRG, do not sign up with them - STAY AWAY FROM THEM.