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March 4, 2015:The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. NRGBinary is on that list. CLICK HERE to verify.


The FPA considers NRG Binary to be a scam.  The FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with NRGBinary.  If you have money with this broker, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it as quickly as possible.


NRG Binary clients who are having trouble getting their funds are asked to leave a review and then follow the other instructions in this thread
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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NRGbinary  is an internationally renowned private trading and investment company. What differentiates us from others is our commitment to our customers.

With our unique one-of-a kind trading software and long standing highest performance ratings, we always aim to stay at the top.

NRGbinary offers its traders a vast selection of  Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and pairs, all from our easily accessible Web & Mobile platforms.

NRGbinary has an extraordinary global presence with an outstanding 24/6 customer support service and secured banking options.

Using the most innovative technology available today and with a comprehensive knowledge of the world’s top financial markets, NRGbinary is proud to open it’s trading platform to all traders, regardless of investment preferences and account size.


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1.017 · 52 REVIEWS
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Chor Keat Tan,
, Malaysia,
Apr 24, 2014,

Dear Mr.Lance.G.

Truly impressed by your prompt response,hopefully your sincere effort shall build up NRGBinary's reputation

I had email you my about my case , wish things may sort out.Thanks again.

2014-04-23 5Star Dear Mr. Lance .G

Deeply appreciated for your prompt response; impressed indeed, I will submit my case to you directly. BIG BIG THANKS :D

014-04-22 No Rating Lance G,
I can see your effort to upkeep good service of NRGbinary,truely appreciated.How to email to you as I have a request need your help to sort out some misunderstanding in deposit and request for refund.
Best regard

Comment: Added by Lance Graham on 2014-04-23
Hello Sir,
Thank you for the kind words. Please feel free to contact me directly at regarding any issues you might have.
Have a great day.
Best Regards,
Lance G.
Business Development Manager
Frank P Kovacs,
Apr 15, 2014,

To all: Stay away from NRGBinary. They withdrew my deposit, but it never was sent to my credit card account (as they claimed). Now, they won't even respond to my emails. There's some real sloppy record keeping in this brokerage and they aren't honest. Even their designated broker won't respond to my emails, or Mr Lance Graham who is the business development person in charge. I sent him three emails and no response from him either. I know I was a small fish, but large or small, every customer deserves equal and fair treatment. Be aware, they are not registered with the Cyprus Security and Trade Commission as any respectable brokerage should be. I hope you can see where this company is coming from. Make your own decision.
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Apr 22, 2014:
Dear Sir, The only reason I didn't reply to your e-mails was because they went straight to my junk mail. Trust me, you would have gotten a reply back from me the same day you sent me your letter. I don't have any intention of dragging you for no reason. I have been reading your letter and taking all the necessary actions to resolve your matter as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your understanding of the situation. Regards, Lance G. Business Development Manager
Joseph Solomon,
Durban, South Africa,
Apr 1, 2014,

Account manager hacks my account and trades reckless almost wipes out my account
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Apr 8, 2014:
Dear Mr. Solomon, I have received your complaints regarding your account manager. I already started investigating what exactly happened with your specific case. Please allow me to contact you back with my findings. I would like to apologize for any delay in handling your case. Thank you in advance, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary
Osama Hassan,
Brisbane, Australia,
Apr 1, 2014,

Hi There,
first off all, my account manager withdrawn 1000 $ directly from my bank account without asking me and based upon my broker advices I lost all of them.
I asked officially more than 4 times to withdraw my money and my account manager, Richard Gibson, canceled them and traded with my money (2000$) without my permission by himself.
I have not received any feedback from billing department regarding to my request.
Based upon his control on my account, I lost 2000 $ because of his mismanagement and misjudgment on the market and ignoring client request.
I send him more than 5 emails asking him to withdraw the money and cancel the trading that he did without my permission and even asking me. he dealt with my account as his money.
he has taken the decision by himself and he should responsible for this losing.
In conclusion, I have been ripped off and all the money stolen by this company.
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Apr 7, 2014:
Dear Mr. Hassan, I have received your complaint regarding your account manager. Since I was out of town last week, I already started investigating what exactly happened as soon as I got back. Please allow me some time to get back to you with my findings. Thank you in advance, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary
Kashif Jawed,
Mississauga, Canada,
Mar 16, 2014,

Hi Lance,
Firstly, Thank you for honoring my withdrawal request. I am disappointed that NRGBinary deducted the bonus and gave me back my balance minus the bonus. In my previous email to you (and to everyone i know at NRGBinary), I mentioned that my turnover has been over the required turnover rate and I am eligible to withdraw all my money along with the bonus amount.
I have stated these details in my posts below as well.
Unfortunately no one at the firm has been able to help me (not even Frank Green - Sr. trader OR Don Lawrence - billing)
My account 13781 shows bonus being approved but method is "Bonus" which means it went back to NRGbinary.
That is a shame and disappointing.
This is the reason for my negative rating for NRGbinary. Since I have emailed you regarding this before and no action was taken, I don't expect much to happen after this post either. The purpose is to bring this matter to your attention so you understand why many of us are frustrated with NRGbinary.

Kashif Jawed (13781)

PS: a courtesy explanation as to why the bonus was rejected would have also been helpful despite my follow up efforts.

2014-02-25 1 Star Hi Lance,
Why is it that I have to take action for NRGbinary to look into my case. It has been open for weeks. If I wouldn't have opened the complaint, it wouldn't have been handled. It is great that you're "now" looking at it however my emails were gone answered (as forwarded to you)

As for bonus structure, my turnover was $3040 and as per the terms it says 30x bonus (75x30 = 2250) which means that my turnover has exceeded the requirement. Unless i am miscalculating?

Comment: Added by Lance Graham on 2014-02-26
Dear Mr. Jawed,

I have received your complaint on the 21st of February and not earlier. You can be rest assured that if I would have received it before that, I would have already handled it accordingly.

Please communicate with me directly.

Thank you in advance,
Lance G.
Business Development Manager

2014-02-22 1 Star I have requested a withdrawal for my funds back in mid-January. The process took a couple of weeks after validating my identity (they asked me for more documents in addition to what was required).

The billing department cancelled my requesting saying that I cannot withdraw bonus funds since my turnover has not been 30x the bonus amount of $50

I sent them an email showing that my turnover was way over that and I should be able to withdraw all my funds.

No one has responded to me for a week. After a couple of follow up's, I re-submitted my withdrawal request again and it has been 3 days and its still pending.

I thought this was a reputable broker however be careful. They are happy to take the money but very very hesitant to return it back to you.


PS: i have forwarded the communication from NRGbinary to Lance as well

Comment: Added by Lance Graham on 2014-02-24
Hello Mr. Kashif,

You had sent me your complaint on Friday the 21st of February. I have forwarded all the required information about your case to the most suitable individuals so it will be immediately handled accordingly.

Unfortunately, you have already posted a negative complaint about the company. I can assure you that it is being taken care off as I am writing this. In the future, please allow us to take care of your problem first. In the event that you are not satisfied with the way it was resolved, I will personally solve it for you.

Thank you in advance,
Lance G.
Business Development Manager
Hofuf, Saudi Arabia,
Feb 25, 2014,

I have been ripped off and all the money stolen by this company and I am at no fault. They are specialized in dragging victims and promising them of profit, but they do not pay anything. Be careful. It is just full of a bunch of thefts
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Feb 26, 2014:
Dear Mr. Adel, I highly appreciate that you have contacted me directly. I am making sure your case is being handled in the most professional and dedicated way possible. Please allow me to resolve it so you will be satisfied. Feel free to communicate with me on my personal e-mail. Thank you in advance, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary
Jan 15, 2014,

NRG Binary is a fraud. I opened an account with them and had a profit. I attempted to withdraw money and they contacted me and tried to get me to make a second deposit that they would match. My credit card company called me when they tried to charge my card and explained that was a fraud alert associated with NRG Binary. I decided not to deposit any more funds but continued to trade. After a small loss I decided to withdraw my remaining funds. This was over 2 weeks ago and they have not returned my money. I have made 2 requests and sent them emails. I got an email claiming that they were trying to call me but were unable to get in touch with me. This is a delay tactic because I responded to the email giving them a good time to call me. They are not attempting to call me. There are no record of a call from them on my phone. Further, they do not answer their phone nor do they have anyone available on there chat feature.
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Feb 23, 2014:
Dear Anthony, I have seen your complaint against NRGbinary. I would highly appreciate if you can provide me with your e-mail address. I have to start conducting a proper investigation regarding your specific complaint. Again, I am here to assist you, but if you will not give me a chance to do so, I won't be able to. Thank you in advance, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary
FAW du Plessis,, South Africa,
Jan 5, 2014,

NRG Binary stole/scammed $10 000 from me. The now refuse to an.
swer their telephone and do not respond to e-mails send to them the options company is in Cyprus.
The mother company NRG Capital is located in London
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Feb 23, 2014:
Dear Kamal, I have seen your complaint regarding NRGbinary. I would like you to provide me with your e-mail address since I am interested in conducting a proper investigation regarding your specific complaint. I am here to assist you, but if you will not give me a chance to do so, I won't be able to. Thank you in advance, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary
kama abdullah bagrwan,
riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Dec 11, 2013,

So far, have not gotten to the outcome of Mr. Lance G. Delete want to comment until he finds a solution to the problem and told him to find me a solution and I will put that comment No problem will not be solved to find an answer

2013-12-10 1Star Now you twist the arms in order to resolve the problems Delete comment Find me a solution and I comment that the problem was solved are no way to delete a comment

Review Moderation Team Note: In general, reviews are not deleted. If an issue is resolved, the reviewer should leave a followup review explaining how the issue was fixed. The reviewer can give a new rating based on how well the company performed in fixing the issue.

2013-11-25 No rating I am destined you to your response to me and I will wait your response to resolve the problem via a Thank You

2013-11-20 1 Star Hello,
Analde problem with your company, I shared you have me and a group of 8 people and for more than 3 weeks and we ask the process of withdrawing and be outstanding and tells us hand Mahmoud Zeidan that tomorrow will be approved that came yesterday and entered a deal the full amount and lost.

Points which we have
1 - How to enter the amount withdrawn was requested than 3 weeks and its entry in the transaction.
2 - How enters in Pather deal of 50% has sent him to enter only 50%.
3 - We have an audio recording him as he tells us that he can not access more than 30 percent to protect the calculation of risk.

Was contacted today by has informed us offer him unacceptable: that we bid farewell to the amounts currently trading account and compensate for the loss, an offer is unacceptable.

I hope that I find you have the solution.

Kamal Abdullah Bakaroan,
Comment: Added by Lance Graham on 2013-11-21
Dear Kamal,

I have received your e-mail yesterday and have started conducting a proper investigation regarding your specific complaint.

You didn't even give me a chance to reply to you, and you already posted the same exact mail you sent to me.

If you expect me to assist you, I suggest you start by taking off your post from this forum. Otherwise, what was your purpose of contacting me from the very beginning?

Again, I am here to assist you, but if you will not give me a chance to do so, I won't be able to.

Thank you in advance,
Lance G.
Business Development Manager
Singapore, Singapore,
Sep 23, 2013,

I got the same as above. When I submit a withdrawal request, no response, not even an email confirmation that my request was received.

Their withdrawal policy states that withdrawals will be completed by 3 business days. On the 4th day, I tried to contact them via phone and the chat facility on the site - can't even get through.

Finally got through the phone. The moment the guy at the other end heard I want to withdraw, he hung up!!!

I've supplied my documents and I still haven't got a reply.

For the other victims like me, kindly share if you manage to be successful in getting your money back.
Reply by Lance Graham submitted Nov 10, 2013:
Dear Leslie, My name is Lance and I am the official representative of NRGbinary in the Forex Peace Army forum. I would like to remind you and all of our traders that I am available at If you have any issues with our company, feel free to contact me and I will do my very best to find a solution and make absolutely sure that your overall trading experience with us is a positive one. My ultimate goal is to assist all traders with any issues or problems they might face with NRGbinary and I will be more than happy to do that anytime I possibly can. Once again, feel free to contact me at any given time for any issues or problems that you might have faced. Thanks, Lance G. Business Development Manager NRGbinary