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Updated: Jan 24, 2018
2.789 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.789 · 6 REVIEWS
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Hunt, USA,
Jan 22, 2018,

Stay Away

I took their course in 2011. If you're worth your salt as a researcher they will steal your data and sell it as their own. They just want your money. Do yourself the favor and read the books they steal the information from instead. Jason Stapleton is a con man and I doubt he is even a Marine.
Texas, USA,
Sep 1, 2017,

My personal take on Tradeempowered

I purchased their ProTrader course (which is unfortunately not available anymore) about a year ago. I am also a member of Akil's live trading room, and I was a member of their Syndicate program for one year. Having purchased quite a bit of their product I can confidently say that their products are very good. They do not teach one particular strategy, they teach you the skill of how to trade and how to come up with your own strategies, as well as how to back test those strategies. Both Jason S, Akil, Jason G, and Charles are all great teachers. When I send them emails, about trading, or about their products, I always get very timely responses that answer my questions clearly. Their products are reasonably priced compared to what's out there. I have paid signifIcanlty more, for other training courses by other companies, and even though the content that I got from those companies wasn't bad, I felt it was over priced for what it was. Tradeempowered is a great company, and I would highly recommend buying their product.
Feb 5, 2017,
Registered user

Joined trade empowered at the start of last year. Thought it was great at first, as the year went on the communication became terrible akil would only send me one word replies to my questions leaving me in the darks sometimes just not even replying. Jason graystone isn't nice at all.

It became obvious if you weren't sucking up to them on twitter or their live rooms they didn't want anything to do with you at all. They are only out for themselves.

Spent hours and hours backtesting the advance patterns their results are false i couldn't find any pair that was 70% accurate.

don't waste your money there is better mentors out there.
Tampa, Fl, USA,
Oct 9, 2016,

Very happy with purchase

I have been following their free training for a while and decided to buy the advanced pattern course. The quality of the videos and responsiveness to questions is excellent. I have gotten very quick responses to email, and extremely professional as helpful responses to phone calls. I highly recommend their training if you are interested in learning technical analysis. All of the video training is downloadable, so I have access forever, not only to their site, but also in my own archive. I have to conclude that the negative review is for a different site, as it certainly has not been anything close to my experience.
Al Beamon,
Virginia, USA,
Jun 6, 2016,

I have found that their free content on youtube and there site to be very informative. I am a elementary school teacher and in my opinion Jason Stapleton and Akil are excellent Stokes teachers. I have previously bought courses from OLTA. I paid a lot of money for them and it was a lot of information jammed into a week class that would require you to spend more money for more training. It was more like a factory than a course. I blew an account, got away from trading and began surfing trading videos again and came across Jason and Akil’s videos.
I eventually became a subscriber to their Syndicate Program. I haven’t bought any of their courses yet. However, I plan to based basically off their method of teaching. They show you the how, the when, the where, and the why or why not of trading. They take you through the thought process and make you do the thinking. I can say that I have learned more from their free content and their syndicate program than I did from the high dollar course that I previously paid for.
Jerry V,
, Sweden,
Apr 27, 2016,

I just found this site and was curious about the review of TradeEmpowered, and I must say that I’m shocked that there is only one review of TradeEmpowered, considering so many people are following Jason Stapleton and Akil Stokes on youtube. I have previously bought courses from some of the popular educators that are mentioned on this site. It has not worked out for me. That doesn’t mean that they are necessarily bad, just that their teaching style or the way they trade doesn’t fit me.

5 months ago I bought the Advanced Pattern Trader course from TradeEmpowered and 2 months ago I also bought the 12 week Transformation course. I do not recognize anything that JB says. I wanna start first by saying that Jason Stapleton, Akil Stokes and Charles Miles give away a lot of free contents on youtube.

As to communication, whenever I have a question to Akil Stokes or Charles Miles they almost always reply within 24 hours, and I have emailed them a lot. Beside the normal course content(video format) there is Q&A every Monday with Akil, and these sessions are recorded so you can view old sessions. I don’t understand why JB have difficulties finding the videos, there is nothing wrong with the site. Are you sure you have bought a course at TradeEmpowered?

I can say this, Akil Stokes is an excellent teacher. However TradeEmpowered doesn’t give you fish, they teach you to fish for yourself. That means they teach you but you must do the hard work. So before you take their course, or any other other course, you have to first be sure that you are serious about learning to trade, otherwise you will just be another person complaining about the course.
Texas, USA,
Mar 5, 2016,

I'm not fan of his trade program. I've tired it out about 3 weeks now and it's not worth keeping. The communication sucks. Their website is outdated. They have no private facebook group for their members. They require you to download an application that's windows based only and it's hard to get updates or access to video. There official website facebook page hasn't been updated since 2015. It's like being in ghost town.