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Updated: Nov 26, 2018
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 25, 2018,
Registered user

Halifax investment brokers goes bust

Just been advised Halifax have gone into voluntary liquidation freezing client withdrawals and no indication of if or when we will get our deposited funds back!!!
Nigeria, Nigeria,
Aug 14, 2018,

Great pending orders. I would rated him first if their reviews is much better..

So far, using halifax broker is amazing though i only use their demo account, i havent reall tried to use their real account. I love thier pending orders. I have not seeb yet another broker with such pending orders. I'm in or against it, but for such an oppurtunity to place pending orders at a close range, it's a big thumbs up. They would have made me feel greet if thier reviews are much better. I know of a great trader that uses halifax, probably mail him to ask him how he uses the broker effectively..
Gympie, Australia,
Jul 20, 2015,

Halifax - or A.I.E - is terrible. Paid $3000 to join for "lifetime" in 2012, and started with $3000. Used their managed accounts and was down to $1200 in just over 2 weeks. Took my money out. Followed their trading on the MT4 for those 2 weeks and the only word to describe it is CLUELESS.

Their performance was sooo bad that they pulled their performances off the website. Says it all ...

The other way of trading is to ring the desk... min amount of $350 per trade... and there is only 2-3 trades a month... maybe.. on a "busy" month. Didn't bother to try it... counting my losses as a learning experience
Mar 5, 2010,

I have been a customer with Halifaxonline for 3 years. Their platform has been riddled with problems.They say the back end is run by Saxobank. I have taken screenshots of the errors and emailed to Halifax only to be treated like an idiot or not answered at all. The volumes are continually wrong and data simply disappears. I pay for level 2 market depth,it is deducted monthly but many times i have not received this data so i have ask for some goodwill on their behalf and refund to me some of the money. No reply! I have sent 7 emails,with screenshots as evidence but still nothing. I have tried to be a loyal customer but i have had a gutfull. I just cant believe that in such a competative market place,that they lack basic customer service skills. I do not recomend them.
Sep 27, 2007,

I have used this broker for a short while live trading.
They may actually be a more honest broker, but I am not completely sure.
Their spreads are a little larger that usual indicating that they may be honest. I have never had slippage with them - what I clicked is what I got - and that is with dial up internet.
Trades often went in the wrong direction after entering but I put that down to bad trading on my part as a beginner.I have since started candlestick trading and my trades have been excellent.
I made enquires about scalping and they told me they did not care if you scalped - it was up to me.
They did, however, warn me about news trading, telling me as a beginner, that slippage was a definite reality if I went there. Therefore, avoiding news trading was to be to my advantage.
Comparison with an interbank live chart showed a 1 pip difference most of the time (to be expected with a market maker) and rarely a 2 pip difference.
They use the GFT trading software. This charting software is the best there is in my opinion - a pleasure to use.
However, one has to watch out that the GFT software does not have certain programs written into it that cause you to lose money eg freezing of data feed when closing a trade.

Only time will tell with me what this dealing desd broker is really made of.