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Updated: Sep 1, 2015
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, Kenya,
Sep 26, 2013,

I have been scammed by this site, owned by "JEFF ANDERSON"

I invested GBP 200 with them and they had promised a much higher win vs loss rate, but they instead created a high loss rate of about 63%, 14 losses and 8 wins. Yet, according to their adverts, the risk of loss was virtually non-existent.I was told that that if the TURBO BINARY system did not work AS PROMISED, they would refund any costs invested PLUS $100.

So far NO reply to my many emails at all. Not ever and not even once!

This is disgusting in the extreme and such scammers should be exposed and charged for fraud. I could have traded manually far much better than this.You literally have to force yourself to lose trades that badly? If I was trading manually, I would have stopped my losses much earlier than this senseless robot and/or scam system.
hawaii, USA,
Aug 25, 2013,

WARNING. don't buy binary rush services. this is a ripoff. this robot lost all my money in my traderush.com account.

WATCH OUT. I tried many binary robots and ALL robots I purchased has made my lose all my money in my binary accounts. Binary software scammers and now doing the same technique to SUCK US IN as they did in the forex trading area..

Also beware of any binary software that forces you to sign up for their recommended binary broker as I think they have an arrangements to make commissions on your losers.

Utah, USA,
Jul 26, 2013,

This is my experience with binary forex trading using three robots available at binarytradingrobot.com, binaryturbo.com, and quantum-binary.net, all of which are very similar and seem to operate identically to each other. In fact, all of these tools are so similar to each other that I firmly believe that all they do is re-brand each one after it gets out that the previous one is a total fraud. So, make the presentation a little different and then call it “turbo” or “quantum” or some such stupid label in a pathetic attempt to disguise what it truly is.

Firstly, to trade with binary options using these tools you can’t use any demo money like other forex platforms that use MT4. You either use real money, or nothing. The system scammers promoted a win rate over 70% (turbo even went so far as to claim 91 % and quantum claimed as much as 95%!).

When you sign up with them, you have to choose a broker. I chose GlobalTrader365 and TradeRush, which were recommended by the software. After the verification period, it begins to execute trades using the amount you specify. This is what usually attracts people to these systems – the ability to run unattended without having to watch a screen all day for option opportunities. In addition to that, you don’t run these things on your own computer, but it runs on their servers located somewhere in the world. And, I have to say, it is a powerful attraction. It would be great if something like this actually worked, instead of being a complete fraud and the promoters total liars. But then, that’s what makes up 99% of the Forex software industry – frauds. How refreshing it would be to find one that is honest and really works.

When you sign up with a broker, your money is gone the instant you send it in. What I mean is, if you try to take it out you have to supply them with your entire identity with card numbers, photos, addresses, etc. And, to make things worse, if you accept their “bonus” money that gets added to your account, you have to reach a certain trading volume before you can withdraw anything. So, if you deposited $500 and you get a $120 bonus, this comes to (500+120) x 20 = $12,400 before you can withdraw even one penny. With the results below, that will never happen.

The results for trading with these robots were pretty consistent. On average, over a couple weeks, I saw a win rate of about 38% and loss rate of 62%. This was far below the advertised (and fraudulent) win rate of 70% or above. You would probably get better results by flipping a coin.

So, what am I doing now? Well, I’m just letting them run because I can’t get my money back from the brokers. Sooner or later, the money will run out because of their dismal win rate and that will be it. But if I can keep one person away from these frauds, that will have to satisfy me.
Hyd, India,
Jul 19, 2013,

These guys have changed whole way to loot peoples money!!! This website claims to automatically trade Binary options on Traderush.com

So, all we have to do is open an account with traderush and also pay a a fee to binaryturbo.com to avail this service and then deposit money into traderush and give them the traderush registered email id and you are done!!

You will see one or two trades closing in profit but very soon you will loose the deposit , I have lost all the money...

auto trading in forex sounds legitimate but auto trading in binary options ??? where are the systems built ??? Binary options itself is a dangerous and unregulated business and how can binaryturbo.com auto trade on traderush.com???

I got a refund for the service which i paid for binaryturbo through the card processor but in the website of binaryturbo.com they promised that they will pay $100 + refund of fee if i dont make money...when i asked this , they said they dont know what i'm talking about .... I have attached all the proofs which they have asked and they started ignoring my emails...

The money invested in binary markets are never traded in real time...they only gain if we loose... and they are successful in cheating me

Marty Jones,
Florida, USA,
Jul 11, 2013,

Typical c****y product. I should have know better after all the upselling they tried to do. Opened a small account with 250.00, and after just 6 days id no worth .75. Stay away from this product.
Ripped Off,
, Canada,
Jun 28, 2013,

Total cr***, don't waste your money. 1 win out of 50 trades and then we set up the automatic trading that was just as shitty!!
They say they have a 70% winning ratio, complete lies!