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Updated: Dec 5, 2018
2.984 · 17 REVIEWS
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2.984 · 17 REVIEWS
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Sussex, United Kingdom,
Nov 9, 2018,

Here's how to save thousands

I have researched this strategy for many months now and it seems to me that a 20 period Hull Moving Average with a couple of moving averages works just as well.

When using the same setup on MT4 or ctrader platform I am able to receive exactly trade signals.
Peter Marloe,
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 23, 2018,

Easy to follow and profitable

I can honestly say that Trendsignal do an excellent job on teaching how to trade.
I have been with Trendsignal for 8 months now. Came to them with no previous investment or trading experience. After all training and one2one sessions I have been averaging around 600 points per month, it should have been more but I have not traded every evening. Their system is very easy to follow and I would recommend this to anyone without any trading experience.
Angry Customer,
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 17, 2018,

Keep Clear ..... They Lie to you until they get the money then refuse to give refund.

Do not use them.
I attended a Webinar where they stated "you can get 100% refund if you are not happy".
I paid my first payment of over £1000 but due to a change in circumstances I couldn't even start trading.
When I informed Trend Signal that I had a change of circumstances they refused to pay back the money despite their 14 day refund policy as they stated "You have not placed 5 trades or attended a training course".
I have emails from Lewis Clamping stating that if I post bad reviews then he will try and take the remaining payments I would have made (over £3k) if I remained a customer.
Keep Clear and don't listen to their marketing BS.
Mark W,
United Kingdom,
Feb 23, 2018,

Having read the reviews here and as a Trend Signal user for the past three years, there is not really a lot to say other than as follows.
1 - This is not a get rich quick scheme.
2 - You must be willing to engage and learn, not only with Trend Signal but do additional research and learning.
3 - You will learn a lot about yourself, some good and some bad, be honest with yourself.
4 - The system works if you FOLLOW THE RULES, if you deviate, cut corners or do not commit 100%, you will lose.
This system is not for everyone and I will say it again, you must FOLLOW THE RULES or you will not succeed.
Personally I struggled at the beginning but I realised that this is not a system of guaranteed success, you cannot just wait for a signal and react and expect every one to be a winner, you have to use the system as an indicator alongside an understanding of what the system is telling you and why, once you have all of this then you can make a more informed decision and become successful.
I had the understanding but was missing the strategy to complete the picture and this is where Trend Signal joined up the dots for me.
So, very happy with the system , it has taken me from a 60% success rate to over 75% as a minimum. Can't say a lot more than that other than just be honest with yourself, it's like many things in life, you get out what you put in.
Newcastle, United Kingdom,
Jan 21, 2018,

Stay FAR FAR away.

They have been calling me every few months inviting me to join.
However I have clear evidence that they are liars.
Don't trust them.
Here are a few examples
They don't give past performance out unless you join them (wonder why?) but if you become a customer then they would provide it.
I took out my credit card and said I am only paying for the system if I am happy with my findings of its past performance.
At that point they did not let me but the system (wonder why?)
Then they say the reason they don't send past performance since they are concerned that customers will use these charts to prove their own success in what they are trying to sell (does this make sense?) But in the same conversation when I asked if I pay and then take advantage of the money back guarantee I will still have the system so maybe I will only ask for money back to save myself paying the extra installments?
To this the rep sais 'The system is encoded and no simple person will be able to make sense of how the system gives off a signal'
If that is the case why are they concerned that a customer might sell their own system based on the Trend Signal past performance.
Totally does not make sense
I have a recording of this conversation.
United Kingdom,
Nov 15, 2017,
Registered user

Don't believe the sales pitch

I have been methodically following the Trendsignal system for over a year now. Further to my original posts a few months ago, I can now offer an update based on my experience.

1) The system is very erratic. You can make big gains and losses within short periods of time. There are no consistent gains as promised.

2) Following this system takes a lot of time to do properly, You should allow for 1 hour each day.

3) In the long run, you are likely to lose money. The broker fees mount up and the real profits from this system are very small. The broker fees are likely to be higher than your long term average profit.

4) It is not possible to enter all trades at the price their system suggests. The Trendsignal charts are based on only the 'bid price' which is ok if you are entering a short trade. If you enter a long trade then clearly you are going to have to pay the 'ask price' The difference can be large on some currency pairs, especially at 10pm when you need to place them to follow this system. Sometimes the difference is as high as 20 pips. The same can be true when you close a trade if you do so manually via their active stop system. If you close a short trade on an active stop then you will again have to pay the 'ask price' so you lose out.

5) Because the marginal gain via this system is so small, the losses from point 4 above can have a huge difference over the large number of trades per month. It will amplify losses in losing months and seriously eat into profits on a winning month.

After 12 months of hard work plus the £4k spent on this system, I have managed to turn my £10k account into £8,823.

I guess it was silly of me to be taken in by all their hard sales pitch and stories of really high returns. Of course it can't be true otherwise everyone would be onto it and the big banks would be doing it too. There's no easy way to make a quick buck. The only winners here are your broker and Trendsignal. If you join up, you will most likely lose money, be warned.

Mar 21, 2017 - 5 Stars Ok so as promised last month, I've come back to let you know how I got on with the February results.

Whilst January ended as a losing month for me, February was excellent with just over 1,400 pip gain. This was particularly profitable because a large percentage of this pip gain came fro the 4hour S4 strategy for which Trendsignal users place a higher stake per pip.

Clearly this has leapt the profits up to a pretty impressive level.

Best of luck everyone.

Feb 3, 2017 - 3 Stars Trendsignal is a package that works with the Ensign charting software for which you will need to pay an additional $49.95 USD per month. Trendsignal itself cost ₤4,000 as an upfront fee. The aim of the package is to provide an easy to follow trading solution for beginners with repeatable results demonstrating a profit in the longer term.

Trendsignal do offer a money back guarantee for a short period of time but I can tell you it will be totally useless because you need to use a system like this for 6 to 12 months before being able to say if this is any good or not.

I have been trading with Trendsignal since November and have found them very pleasant to deal with. They provide a significant amount of training and support including a day at their offices near Milton Keynes to go over the strategies and previous results. There are also live webinars broadcast at 8am on a Monday and Thursday mornings which are very helpful for keeping up to speed on the current market and reviewing open trades. It’s possible to message and ask questions during these sessions and these are normally answered quickly.

There are strategies for trading 4 hourly charts at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm and various strategies for trading daily charts at 10pm. The system generates buy or sell signals at the end of the candles for the relevant period, users must wait for the relevant candle to close and then place their orders as quickly as possible to try to secure a price as close to the candle close price as possible.

In practice, the system works reasonably well if you are able to dedicate the time to it at the relevant time slots. The Trendsignal sales staff will tell you this takes no more than 5 minutes but in reality it can take anything from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the number of trades coming in. Generally there are relatively few trades during the day, most of the trades happen at the 10pm daily time slot. You will need to be very organized to calculate all the trades and get them loaded correctly and on time. You will also need to have a steady nerve as some trades can go into a heavy loss but some that show heavy losses initially end up turning round to become a decent winner. It’s also a good idea to keep a trade log on a spreadsheet so you can keep an eye on how well you are doing.

There are a number of problems associated with this system which I will try to warn you about below:

1) Checking for the trades is a manual process of looking at the charts. The 4hr trades are easier to spot as there are clear indicators on the charts but the daily trades require you to examine a number of indicators on the charts and assess if the chart fits with any of the rules which can take a while to learn. It took me about a month before I was totally confident I could accurately spot the trades. Missing a trade or taking a trade that you shouldn’t have taken usually works out expensive so you have to dedicate time to learning this system.

2) Different brokers can give slightly different prices for currencies or commodities than the Ensign chart displays. This can occasionally mean that your trade ends up being a loser when Trendsignal record the trade as a win or vice versa. The Ensign chart software receives its pricing feed from FXCM so if you use them as your broker you shouldn’t have this problem.

3) It’s impossible to get into the trade at exactly the right price. The system records the exact candle close price as the entry point but if you try to get this price in the real world, you will find you are always a few pips out. Also, if you have 5 trades to place at exactly 10pm you’ll find it impossible to get them all done on time. Brokers spreads also seem to increase at around 10pm because they know lots of customers will use trading systems and wish to place orders at this exact time. This inevitably means that you will average an entry to your trade at a few pips to the worse. For me, this difference isn’t huge but it does make a difference to the overall results. It may work out at around 5 pips per trade.

4) Some of their recommended trades are on Oil contracts. The price their charts work from is based on the current months contract. These contracts have a habit of expiring during the trade which closes your position. I guess this could happen at either a profit or a loss but my experience has always been that it is at a loss. It is possible to roll over onto the next months contract but that contract tends to trade at a higher price than the expiring contract. If you were long Oil when the contract expired, you would face a loss. Oil trading with Trendsignal has so far lost me nearly 400pips yet the trading record that Trendsignal publish for oil will show a profit I’m sure. Personally, I can’t see a way to fix the issue with Oil trading on Trendsignal so my advice is to stay clear of oil with this system.

5) Stop loss levels are usually a higher number of pips from your entry than your target price is from your entry. In other words, losing trades can cost you a lot more than the winners. They do have a method called active stop that is designed to prevent trades running to the full stop level but this only works if the trade doesn’t go against you and stop out before you get to your end of day candle where you can assess for their active stop system. The win ratio they advertise is around 66%, I would say its lower, maybe around 60% but as your losing pips exceed winners pips, this makes the profit marginal. You will also find from time to time that some markets can gap significantly lower or higher on some news which can render your stop loss ineffective. One trade last week gaped lower by a significant amount and closed out some 30 pips below my stop.

The results so far have been poor but I can see that there is potential for this system to make a profit but it is going to take time and a bit of luck too. January was looking to be a nice profit of over 1300pips on the morning of the 19th Jan but then the market turned and the losses came in one after the other. These big swings from profit to loss can be stressful but let’s hope they don’t come round too often.

This is my current trade record. I will log in again next month and let you know how February has been for me. So far February is in a profit but so was January up until the last week of the month when a cascade of losers hit hard.

November 2016 – 60 pip loss
December 2016 – 295 pip profit (only traded up until 22nd)
January 2016 – 610 pip loss but there are still 3 January trades left to close out.

I started with a ₤10,000 trade pot. After working this system for 3 months now I have turned that ₤10k into ₤9,269.50 !! If I also consider the money spent buying the system and the Ensign fees I’m down ₤4,850 on the project let alone the cost of all the time I’ve put into it and the stress of watching my money disappear too!!

Not impressed so far but I’m going to give it 6 month before giving in as I know these things take time to turn round.

Best of luck everyone.
Newcastle, United Kingdom,
Oct 1, 2017,

Lacks important features, over priced with pushy hard sell follow up call.

After looking for a reliable proven system with some substance and proven reputation, Trend Signal appeared to look a decent platform from initial impressions gathered.

I had joined 2 or 3 of their webinar invitation sessions for those with an interest in purchasing the system, and was initially impressed with what I could gather about how the system worked, and the results they seemed to be achieving, with regard to the points gained each month.

So in order to confirm more about the system, I arranged a visit to their Cranfield office near Milton Keynes, which is about 180 miles each way from where I live. I was told I would be given a live demo of the program running with a trader on the morning of my visit.

Upon arrival in reception I was taken upstairs to meet a couple of the guys there. After the usual hand shakes and intros, I was then shown basics of the system with a white board projection presentation, which consisted of the sniper circle, some moving average line, and a form of RSI indicator at the bottom of the chart window. I was told that their internet was experiencing some problem that morning, so no live trading could be shown of the system running.

I was not convinced the system was for me by what I saw, feeling non the wiser about the product despite having gone down there in person to try to discover more. I was told that it was £3000 + VAT, and if I signed up on the day or within a couple of days, then they could do it for £3000 fully inclusive. They were asking if I had my credit card details to hand, but yet no trial period could be offered before purchase. That alone was enough to deter me, as I was unconvinced about the system. It seemed to lack some important aspects I thought, after having seen other similar systems for less money, that offered much more in the way of features with a trial available prior to purchase, that this system was lacking.

Three days after my visit, I received a phone call from one of members of the Trend Signal Team. He asked if I was ready to come on board to join them, but I said I did not consider that the system was what I was really looking for after having been to see it, and come away non the wiser, with no trial available. The response to that, was that I had wasted their time visiting them!.

I politely reminded them that it was me who had spend time driving the 8 hour 360 mile round trip to their office, only to be told that no live trading was taking place that day, due to some internet related issue. I felt most insulted, and thought their response was both rude and most unprofessional.

Therefore I would not recommend these people or their system, from my own personal experience with them. I would suggest you look elsewhere, and will find a much better system with far more features for around a third of the cost that they are asking for Trend Signal.

I did buy a system for just over £1000, which is far superior to Trend Signal in every respect, having won six awards with important features that are absent within Trend Signal. I will not mention it here, as I do not wish to come across as trying to advertise other parties software . Then I cannot be affiliated with promoting it, or be seen as trying to pose as a representative of the company.

My experience with Trend signal was both disappointing and disrespectful to say the least, so I cannot recommend this personally.

United Kingdom,
Jun 6, 2017,

Trend Signal - is it worth joining?

I looked into this company by attending their seminar which all looks very rosy. Then I asked for some names of current traders and was told they simply cannot provide this due to data protection laws. The money back guarantee is just not long enough and they wouldn't agree for me to joining me on a trial basis either. It simply too good to be true to take a leap of faith when I know very little on how the software makes accurate predictions.

I don't have enough information regarding Trend Signals to make an informed decision to blindly plow £4,000 money plus £50.00 monthly subscription.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Jan 30, 2017,
Registered user

IT JUST WORKS..............

I used to trade an independent strategy before I had heard of Trend Signal, I had some success but always felt my trading was more guesswork than anything else, This is fine but I'm a cautious person by nature and like to sleep easy at night, my previous trading had to potential to blow my account on a few minor wrong decisions. After a few stressful days trading I felt like it was time to further my knowledge and get some proper education. After researching the Internet I found some possible education companies but dismissed the majority because of the hard selling get rich approach. Trend Signal came up a number of times from some good sources, after realising TS had been in business since early 2000's and survived through the financial crisis I decided to make the call and get some more information.

My initial contact was with a very pleasant man named Lewis, he explained how the TS indictors worked and explained that all clients should achieve the same results because of the rules based set and forget approach, I explained to Lewis that I wasn't ready to commit straight away because of other ties, I was expecting the hard sell but Lewis was very understanding and said to get back in touch when I was ready. During this period I kept in regular contact asking questions and got them all answered to satisfaction, I purchased the software about a month later.

After purchasing TS the guys had the software applied to my ensign within a couple of days and had access to the members area of the TS website immediately, The website is full of information and training videos on how to work and follow the TS strategies, plus access to all the previous webinars that are held twice weekly going over the trades, answering questions, updates and weekly news. Adrian and Jerry are great in the webinars and I look forward to them.
The support is overwhelming and I still call Lewis from time to time if I have any questions and he makes sure it gets dealt with promptly. I also attended the one day training day down in Milton Keynes which was great as it gave me confidence in the strategies, the team behind them and TS as a company.

I traded using the indictors on a demo account for the first few weeks to build my confidence and eventually started live trading in the summer last year, results have been pretty consistent with what I was told from day one and as I'm writing this January is up nearly 1500 points with some trades still open, that's just using the end of day strategies that take under an hour analyse and place from 9pm-10pm at night.

I have since purchased the PRO-Trader course that offer a further 3 strategies with another in the pipeline, I started implementing the Pro strategies with in November with positive results, I will review the PRO separately after 6 months.
The pro is more for traders who want to be full time so I will stick to the PLUS course that anyone can do each evening.

Overall my experience of TS has be great, there is no guesswork, if its a trade its a trade. It uses software to work out the technical analysis for you but you do get an insight to why its giving you an indicator and you understand why the stop loss is placed where it is, TS are constantly testing and working on ways to better the results and looking at results year on year they look to just get better and better.

I look forward to working alongside them for years to come.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Jan 27, 2017,
Registered user

I have been with Trendsignal now for just over one year. I have absolutely no complaints at all with the service or products provided by this company. They are very professional and more importantly do not over egg what you can achieve.

There will be no presentations with Bentlys or round the world holidays in the background saying you can have this. There will be no "theres only 6 spaces left on the course" You get honest chat on the products they provide with stats to back it up.

If you are considering this, ask for the stats. I can only say that the stats I was provided was accurate and now that I am trading 8 of their strategys, I can vouch that the stats we talk about in the webinars are accurate. It would be foolish to over egg as the system is very easy to back test.

like most folk I have been round the block with different systems and owners of them promising riches. Trendsignal will not promise you riches, you will get successful strategies and if followed corrctly with a sensible suitable staking plan your account will definately grow.

I cant recommend them enough and hope that more strategies are released soon