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Updated: Apr 28, 2016
2.655 · 15 REVIEWS
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2.655 · 15 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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O. J.,
, Trinidad and Tobago,
Apr 28, 2016,

I am a new trader who took the Pro Trader Course. I am also a subscriber of Traders for Traders (T4T) Live Trade Zone (LTZ) and Live Trading Sessions (LTS). The Pro Trader Course provided me with an excellent foundation to be successful trader. The trade process, capital management and technical analysis guide me to select good trading opportunities every month.T4T taught me how to use Xenith to keep abreast with financial market developments and make fundamentally driven trades from key technical levels. The only disappointment I had with the course was I wanted learn more fundamentals beyond their advanced trading strategies.

The LTZ has been instrumental in my development in terms of getting market experience with a professional trader to get feedback from on my trade ideas. Brad, Mark, Nick, Alex and Corey will give their valued opinion on your trade idea if you ask them. They usually share their charts with you and correct you if necessary. Trade ideas and any orders placed in the market are posted in the LTZ. These are useful to see how T4T implements the trade process but I always do independent research before taking any trade posted on the LTZ. Not all their trades are successful but they are profitable because of the 1:3 risk to reward ratio. Some of their trades uses oco to trade live news events. I don’t trade using oco because of the increased risk but T4T is profitable using that strategy with T-Rex.

I will recommend the Pro Trader Course, LTZ and LTS to anyone who seriously wants to learn to trade properly. Their experienced traders are there to nurture your development if you ask questions. This is not a copy trade service or a get rich scheme. I make profit every month by applying their strategies, taking the easy opportunities and not doing anything stupid in the meantime.
Brad Gilbert,
Sydney, Australia,
Apr 22, 2016,

Hi Team. I thought I'd provide an update which may not be good news for a few of the T4T doomsayers.


We had a few issues between our accountant & compliance teams. They have been sorted out and everything has been improved.

We also now have some great broker relationships who are covering the Pro Trader Course if you deposit $5K - no strings attached.

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Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 14, 2016,

I have only just signed up with T4T, but I am very impressed by what they offer. Their website is great and the material is laid out for easy access.

They break down the whole education process into different stages and guide you through the whole way. This may be different from what they have done in the past, but I'm loving it so far. They keep it simple and precise! It's all about building the capital and managing it wisely. Something most forex educators don't understand.

Well done, T4T. I look forward to learning from you guys!
Tracey the Trader,
Brisbane, Australia,
Mar 24, 2016,

I signed up for the training program and was blown away by the extensive content. It's by far and away the best I've come across.

Now I've been trading (or trying to trade) for the past 7 years. If you're silly enough to think you're going to make money on every trade then you're in the wrong game!!

I know the training has put me at a level where i can now make confident trade calls on my own and with understanding of the fundamentals. After 5 months I'm only up 15% but I'm very happy with that as my annual target is 20%. That's a hell of a lot more then I would have got if I had of left my cash in the bank.

I'm not sure what the other reviewers are moaning about as my experience has been nothing but excellent.

Thank you T4T!!

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Brad Gilbert,
Sydney, Australia,
Mar 23, 2016,

I thought I'd just clear up a few things Michael was talking about. Some of the things he has mentioned are correct and others are incorrect.

I guess running the business and building it over the past 6 or so years that I am a salesman for the business.

The whole idea behind the Salesman point was that we are first and foremost traders not just people with a sales background.

Now if you've gone through the course you know that you are going to have lots of losses, which trader doesn't?

But the important part of the course is Capital Management & Risk/Reward ratios. This is the key to any trading system.

Understanding the complexities of the market (Fundamentals) is an ongoing education that all traders continue to learn, even those with years of experience. The market is extremely dynamic and now more so then ever.

When we put the program together we had to come up with a core basis for trading and educating people about the fundamentals and technicals for that matter. There is no 1 system that works for everything. It's about trading what works more often then not.

So yes we in fact have used OCO order on economic data releases. But doing this all the time is a recipe for disaster. Knowing how to trade with a plan and structure is just as important.

Executing and adjusting your strategies to current market dynamics is also critical. Our training program gives you the structure and knowledge to start a successful trading career.

The stages of learning have been restructured to make sure traders get the knowledge and understanding and then tailor the methodology to their own personality and characteristics.

Check out the structure: http://traders4traders.com/forex-trading-course/

Everyone has a different risk appetite and cash to trade with. There's no point trying to do what the trader next to you is doing because we are all different. We all process and act on information differently. If it's not natural then it's not going to work.

So once you have been trained its a matter of fine tuning it to the individual and that then becomes their methodology.

Brokers - yes I am a partner of a Brokerage firm FXAsia and yes it is a white label of Gallant Capital markets.

I was one of the partners who helped develop it mainly out of the necessity to get a brokerage service that provided tight and consistent pricing. We had used several retail brokers and we're unhappy with them. So we went about developing a brokerage firm that ticked all the boxes and I believe FXAsia did that.

We do however have a number of brokers as partners who provide the exact same deal. In actual fact they have all replaced FXAsia as the primary broker. This gives our clients a choice and if they have a broker that they prefer we approach their broker and get them to set up the same deal for them. We don't take any rebates so their is no income from volume traded by our clients!

It's worked very well and allows our clients to maintain all the capital in their account instead of losing half of it to training costs.

Signal Service - there's always going to be good calls and bad calls. I guess it depends on which one you're on to how you feel about it.

But the overall service was flawed by 'timing' issues and connections with IT components. This was hindering the roll-out of alerts so we ceased this side of it until we can get consistent software that shoots out the alerts in real time.

Now everyone has different learning capabilities. Some people learn quickly and others learn slower. We have now made the course available as a complete package or you can just buy individual components starting at $39.

Check them out: http://traders4traders.com/all-courses/

I believe our course gives you structure to your trade plan, capital management, understanding of the fundamentals and technicals, and most importantly trade execution which is always changing!

What you need to do is absorb it, process it and make it your own!

So I agree with you Michael trading is solitary but if you have the information at your feet then you've got the best chance of success.

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Sydney, Australia,
Dec 23, 2015,

If you go to their website you will find the quote

"Much of the confusion and frustration you are probably feeling about trading is also because you are making it more difficult than it needs to be. But again, that isn’t your fault, you’ve been sucked in by Forex trading ‘Salesmen’, as I call them, and they create confusing trading systems which sound impressive but really all they do is hinder your progress. "

Funny thing is that Brad himself is a salesmen himself regardless of whether he used to be a institutional banker or not. If you claim to be a trader and at the same time selling something, you must need the money after all.

Let's begin with their recommended broker:

FXAsia is a white label of gallant capital markets. I spoke to a representative of gallant to confirm this. If you go to the FXAsia website you will notice that the phone number for the broker is the same as T4T. Which means it is likely that T4T is white labelling a broker to make money off trading volume from wannabe traders lured into their education.

Now the actual course that covers both fundamental analysis and technical analysis:

The fundamental component goes pretty in depth but its nothing special as you can get access to the similar information on the web. The technical analysis is the hilarious part. They teach you to buy dips in an uptrend and sell rallies in a downtrend by means of diagonal trendlines. Who doesn't know how to draw trendlines? Sure they tell you to place a limit order like 12 pips below the trendline incase it does not get filled with a hard 25 pip stoploss. I wonder how often they get whipsawed in their trades by doing that?

Their news trading is quite amusing too. Real professional traders have their positions already well in profits and set to breakeven before news even comes out. Its either that or they are able to discern price areas that news moves are engineered to go to so that they can trade against the losing crowd sucked into the move by chasing price. Guess what T4T does when news come out? They use OCO order to chase price! Is that amateur or what?

Then you have the signal service provider:

I've seen them made bad trade calls too many times to count. Especially Nick who gave breakout trade signals which is effetively chasing price with a 25 pip stoploss. No wonder such trades fails. This explains why they don't advertise detailed track record of their trade calls.

So they charge couple of thousands of dollars to teach similar information that is readily out there on the internet.

Now they offer a seemingly free education if you fund a 20k account in their white label broker. Why? Because they are trying to make money off trading volume.

In summary don't waste your money trying to learn off noobs. Trading is a solitary business. You need to find and trade your own style and you won't find this through T4T.
Jamie Fox,
Toronto, Canada,
Apr 7, 2015,

I signed up for T4T's fx alert service only ($150/mo) as naturally I am someone who likes to start off small and build from there. I can honestly say based on poor my experience has been at the lowest levels of what they offer, there is no way I would pay them for additional services.

(plus sign is positive, minus sign was a negative interaction)

+The sign up was easy and painless
-However, it took 3 days to receive a log in. I sent an initial help request after not receiving the log in right away. I waited 48 hours (AU time) as per the automatic ticket I was sent back. Nothing. I sent an additional note on day 3 and someone got back to me.
+The customer service rep (Yuanie) was great - she apologized and explained that they recently updated the system, and my email was incorrectly entered. No problem from me as I worked in IT for 20 years...things go wrong and I felt good that at least the company was expanding their infrastructure
-The log in does not allow you access to an online capability..I couldn't change my password, email address, contact information, or what I was really looking for, an auto-renew subscription.
-The only way to receive trade alerts and generic information is via email or their mobile app
-The mobile application was terrible; it crashed repeatedly and many times would not update real time (had to manually request the update or restart the program)
+Trade alerts were obviously from experience people. Brad's team does have knowledge and experience (I have been trading fx for over 10 years profitably). The daily team briefings are good for inexperienced traders
-Constantly missed trade alerts. I received the first 2 trade alerts in week one, and the other three weeks I constantly missed the alerts. I only received them by signing up to twitter and following them, which was disappointing since I was paying for the service (however I get it; its a great way to market your results)
-After 12 days with the service I inquired whether or not my subscription was on an auto-renewal basis as the website was ambiguous on this point ("No lengthy contract, simple month to month subscription!").
+Again a great service rep respond and said it was on an auto-renewal basis
-Being unhappy up to this point, I asked to take me off the auto-renewal subscription as it was questionable whether I wanted to continue with the service
+The service rep replied quickly that it would be done
-The next month (Day 31), and I received an invoice for another month service
-Have sent a request for a refund; no response yet

Bottom line: T4T understands FX however they have an incredibly poor business, which makes me question how well they train/teach new fx individuals. If you are experience in the fx world, I DO NOT recommend. if you are inexperienced, I recommend trying the lowest possible service first and feel your way through it. Don't get sucked into training courses or the $999 package. See what they can do for you on a return basis following their trades and gain knowledge from multiple sources. If they cannot get my simple fx alert account correct, I have to question how good they really are - however I cannot question their knowledge. I know a bit of an ambiguous review, but I want to be honest and let you decide.
Australia, Australia,
Jan 8, 2015,

This guys manages 10 million dollars, sends out trade alerts that have returned 30% year to date. That's a 3 million return on his investment. Yet is trying to find the best of the best traders on the street. With those returns he is the best of the best. Why he needs to sell a nickel and dime signal service then is any bodies guess. Unless of course it's all smoke and mirrors.

2014-10-03 3Star They are assembling a crack team of traders to rival any on the street.

They want you, they want me, actually they want anyone with $500.

The deal is awesome. Front up $500. Demo, pass their test then trade $20,000 with a 60-40 split.

Sounds great.

Max allowed drawdown. 2.5%.

2.5% of $20,000 is da da dahhh $500.

Is this a coincidence? I think not.

The first part of the application should be seeing through the offer.
Brad Gilbert,
Sydney, Australia,
Dec 12, 2014,

I am the CEO of Traders4Traders and I would like to respond to a few of the comments made as some are correct and some are incorrect.

First I would say thank everyone for reviewing us: good and bad, as it gives us the opportunity to improve our business.

Forex Peace Army is a valid service which can help guide traders into the best products.

To start with understand that not all people who get into trading are successful. There are a number of personal barriers which restrict many traders from being successful.

What I will say is that we guarantee that you will learn the best Capital Management and trading skills from an experienced trading team.

Reply to ANON - Australia
The Evaluation Program is for those traders who think they are good enough to manage capital and not come through the training program. It does cost $500 and that is the maximum drawdown limit for the account. We don't hide that, in fact we promote it. You pay $500 to access the Live Trading Desk and also for the Weekly Performance reviews. This gives the clients the opportunity to manage a $20,000 company account. So I think $500 is amazing value.

Reply MARK - Coogee
The trade alerts we send out are up well over 30% and this doesn't include the numerous winning trades the team 'calls' on the live trading desk. So to state we don't make any money is completely inaccurate. We currently manage over $10 Million in Capital so you may want to do some homework before you throw around senseless remarks. I can only assume that Mark works for a competitor.

Reply SAMBO - Montreal
You are totally correct - bank traders DO NOT use OCO orders on economic data releases. Why? Because they can't. They don't have the systems to do it. But believe me they would if they could. Please understand we do occasionally use OCO orders but it is a high risk trade as you can experience major slippage on extremely variant data releases. It's definitely not a strategy I would advise anyone to use day in-day out! You have to wait for particular set ups and they aren't there everyday.

We use the T4T Training program as a recruitment process for our Fund management business. It gives people access to real market experience and knowledge. We endeavor to develop the best multi-skilled traders to trade in today's dynamic market.

With our guidance and Capital management system you should never "even in your worse case scenario" lose more than 20% of your starting capital.

If you over trade and place too much capital on any one trade then it is a recipe for disaster. But through our program we hope to rectify these issues that many traders experience.

When it all comes down to it we can teach anyone to trade successfully. But what it all boils down to is personal aptitude: Patience, Discipline & Control!

As I mentioned we appreciate the reviews so please keep them coming. If you are a prior client and have had a bad experience, give us a call and we'll see if we can get you back on track.

Brad Gilbert

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Mark Coogee,
Sydney, Australia,
Sep 29, 2014,

It is safe to say this company and Brad won't be around for much longer. I have never seen Brad make a successful trade in the few years that I've been involved with T4T Capital (previously traders4traders). It's pretty clear that Brad does not make a living from trading currencies, he makes a living from taking money from unsuspecting wannabe traders. It's a shame he seems to have a lot of cronies willing to write positive reviews however that can only last so long before the mug punter realises he's just been fleeced.
stay well clear.