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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
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, Canada,
Jun 2, 2014,

I ever had a chance trying to buy one ea from a sell located in Ukarine via Liqpay, it drove me like a hell, the experience was Very Very Very awful !

Liqpay seems lives in its own world, isolated one, very difficult to get the verification from bank outside of its world. I waited for nearly one month and contacted them via their instant live chat number of time, i mean Numerous, the customer service people speak seems only Ukarine language, you will have to guess what they say. i finally i got my refund back and give up the buying.

the seller won't accept my explanation to the payment as well, even i forwarded him my credit card statement which the transaction has been posted on it.

If you have a chance to buy and pay via different way, PLEASE DO NOT try your luck with Liqpay !
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 10, 2014,

I retract my earlier comments. As soon as I was able to contact them directly by email, they responded in less than an hour and refunded the balance due within 3 days as they said they would. My apologies to them.

2014-02-27 1 Star Tried to pay for Smart Pips through Liqpay. They took the money from my Visa card but told the vendor my bank refused to authorise it and they would refund to me. Then they refunded only 10% of what they took from my Visa card. Phone number went straight to answer-phone playing loud music and speaking Ukrainian. I'm in the process of claiming a refund through Visa involving form filling, etc. To all intents and purposes THIS IS A SCAM,
Feb 5, 2014,

Liqpay is a disaster! I tried to pay with two different credit cards via liqpay and in each case, it failed, but not in any explicit way. When I "completed" the transaction, liqpay bumped me back to the seller's site without any message indicating success/failure of the transaction or what went wrong (if anything). Unfortunately, my seller who also hates liqpay has to use it because in his country there is no other option. And I only found out my bank placed a freeze on my credit card as a result of the ATTEMPTED liqpay transaction when I tried using my card for something else. This is undoubtedly the worst payment service available anywhere on the web.