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AstonMarkets.com (AstonForex.com) Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2018
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There are now four FPA Traders Court GUILTY verdicts against Aston Markets.

The FPA now considers Aston Forex (Aston Markets) to be a SCAM.  An FPA Scam Finding against Aston Markets has been issued.

Aston Markets is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  The FPA recommends an AGAINST dealing with AstonMarkets (AstonForex).  If you have an account there, we recommend you attempt to withdraw all of your funds immediately.


ATTENTION:  February 2016:  Roger Buckley of WhiteNovember.com claims that the review left by JV, Netherlands on 2014-09-01 has resulted in legal threats against one of the people named in the review.  If you are taking, threatening, or planning legal actions against anyone named in JV's review or any company related to someone named in the review, the FPA requests that you use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.  Roger Buckley and Lars Beitnes also made legal threats against the FPA based on the content of the review.  CLICK HERE to read the details.

Other websites of this company include AstonForex.com and AstonFx.com.  Possibly related websites include InvestsCapitalMarkets.com, Algebra-3000.com, and Eurobondfx.com

Websites are down.  One less scam company in business.
AstonMarkets.com (AstonForex.com)

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Court cases

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  • Resolved0
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty4
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2014-0912014-06-09henabilal vs astonforex.comguilty
2014-0892014-05-30kayg vs astonforex.comguilty
2014-0322014-02-05GlennFX1 vs astonmarkets.comguilty
2014-0242014-01-21Peace09 vs astonmarkets.comguilty


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0.712 · 15 REVIEWS
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Liège, Belgium,
Jul 20, 2016,


I had also a bad experience with them. I've lost 8.000€ that was on my balance and disappeared suddenly (in july 2012). I tried to contact them but no answer anymore. If there is one little chance to recover it. I'll take it ... Please keep me informed ! Thank you very much !
Baerum, Norway,
Mar 3, 2015,

I have around 4700$ in a live account with astonforex company. Which I have tried to withdraw over time, but no result. I have also tried to contact them through mail and by phone, but no respond. I wonder if there's any chance of possibility or in anyway at all to be able get back this amount of money?
, Netherlands,
Sep 1, 2014,

Modus operandi:
They use high pressure sales techniques. (So salled senior account manager, etc.).
They build a trust relationship with you using various people.
They build confidence by trading live via Skype using a so called trader allocated to you and even pay some small "profits" into your bank account. At the same time they pressure you to invest more and more all the time.
I suspect all trading accounts are fake live accounts.
They get your personal details and commit identity theft and credit card fraud. About € 3000 has been taken from my credit card in one day apart from the trading money invested and the "profits" in the trading account that are unaccessable.
Then they disappear from the radar. You get email responses that are standard with no action ever. You cannot withdraw any money. You get NO CONTACT ANYMORE.
All names are false. (James Don the trader on Skype; Rome Gianni). All their telephone numbers are untraceable .. registered to no person or company. James Don mentioned he has family in Israel. IP addresses from the emails traced to the following places: Mountain View in the US close to Santa Clara (James Don); the support emails come from the U.K. Zayo Group EU Limited; Rome Gianni's emails come from Israel Bezeq International Ltd.
The companies Aston Forex, Aston Markets and Aston Invest Ltd (registered in UK under numer 07913513) seems all linked. The director for Aston Invest is a guy named Lars Chriatian Beitnes (Norwegian) resident in the U.K. I have an address for the guy. He has a track record of folding companies. Aston Invest Ltd has a bank account in the Seychelles: Swift code BARCSCSC and account number 0381005860, address Independence Avenue P.O. Box 167 Victoria Mahe Seychelles. I got the information from Rome Gianni.
James Don still appears on Skype but for moments only.
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 18, 2014,

I was victim for aston market also as they started to call me every day and finally I agreed to enter as the guy was Arabic and I trusted him, after that we opened account and it is getting profit and they said they have good opportunity and asked me for more deposit and after that the account went down as they left it to close with loss

is there any chance to get money back?
Belgium, Belgium,
Jun 24, 2014,

In December I was contacted by a Mr. Frederic Lamy from the company Astonmarkets.
He said 2.000 € would be enough for them to start trading in my place.
They took too big positions and deducted extra money from my credit card to avoid having to cut the positions. They said they warned me by mail so it was OK. Not OK !
They promised they would trade the money I wired (even with a 30 day money guarantee !). In total there is 4.000 € of mine on that account. I must admit they did make a profit of about 3.300 € in a month (which was risky, but that turned out OK).
Since then (20/03/14) they have gone dead silent. I want my money back (and if possible my gains), but no one replies the phone or email.
Unless when you pretend to be a new client, then they call you pretty quickly. As soon as they hear that it 's to get my money, they say they 'll pass me on to my account responsable, which of course isn't there.
I am considering filing a complaint through Mastercard with whom the payments were made. Would that help and/or are there other ways ?


2014-05-21 1 Star Any usable info on AstonForex is also welcome with me ! I have invested 4.000 € in Fenbruary, they realized profits (which was, I have to admit, well done) of about 3.200 € in March.
Since end of March they have gone silent. I know they still exist though, because one of them called me after I faked to be a new client. As soon as they found out that I wanted to settle my account, they quickly abandoned by saying that they will ask my broker to call me asap. Of course nothing happened.
keith parsons,
charleroi, Belgium,
Jun 13, 2014,

I'm a victim as well; It's the same bastard William Taylor making promisses and when he loses your money he will not answer the phone or reply to emails.There is Nick Ortez, Farice Meunier as well;Let's name the bastards. I suggest sending them as many emails and junk mail as possible using face book to block their email account.They are not registered in the UK and the financial ombudsman can't do a thing to protect us.I wish them cancer
, United Arab Emirates,
Jun 1, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court henabilal vs astonforex.com | GUILTY
Aston forex is a scam!! I am calling them since last 3 weeks to get my money back. They are not answering to my calls and emails. 1 have deposit $3500, since I hv made the withdrawal request my account manager is disappeared.
woo kowk yew,
singapore, Singapore,
May 23, 2014,

They can call you EVERYDAY to ask you join their what account management, even you answer is NO. and they keep calling and calling. is damn annoying. how to tell them STOP calling me?
Kay G,
Durban, South Africa,
May 8, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court kayg vs astonforex.com | GUILTY
Aston Forex is a scam!! . I deposited some money in December 2013 with them after they persuaded me by telling me that i will be on a 30 day risk free trading scheme. Under this arrangement all the losses would be refunded. One Mr William Taylor was the account manager who traded everything for me with the plan of handing over for me to trade myself with time. The account grew within the first 3 or 4 transactions and one bad one put my account in negative.Contacting them now to get my refund as was promised has proven to me I was scammed.Sometimes the calls go unanswered and they have stopped responding to emails that i send.
singapore, Singapore,
Apr 15, 2014,

Unable to withdraw funds even after repeated withdrawal request.Company wont even reply to emails once we stopped putting more deposits