MT4 Copier review: Pros, Cons, and Traders Ratings.

4.923 • 63 REVIEWS
Rimantas Petrauskas
Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What is MT4 Copier?

MT4 Copier is a software company that develops a copy trading software called Local Trade Copier which can be installed on MT4 platform to make the chosen MT4 account a master account so that every trade placed on this master account will be mirrored to other clients accounts.

Please read MT4 Copier Reviews below and share your copy trading experiences with this software company.

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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of MT4 Copier

Nov 11, 2016,
Registered user

Can't trade with out it,

Excellent job and excellent EA help me manage my 8 differences mt4 . I can't trade with out it .

Thank you LTC team,
LAGOS, Nigeria,
Nov 11, 2016,
Registered user


I have used 6 trade copier softwares before trying LTC and none of them come close to simplicity that LTC offers. It is the best i have ever used and it keeps updating for best performance. Rimantas, PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Joel Rattray
Kingston , Jamaica,
Nov 11, 2016,

Simply The Best.....

I think this system is simple in design yet effective. The learning curve is easy as 123, so getting the system running should be a breeze. My conclusion, you will never find a better trade copier.
Saraburi, Thailand,
Nov 10, 2016,
Registered user

Very good EA

I used their LTC on my VPS for one month all trade was copied no any issued. the lot size was calculate automatic. I do copy between account cent, micro no problem.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 10, 2016,

Reliable and recommended

I have been using LTC since 2014. I find it reliable, convenient. It is not just a copier however, it allows several trading and filtration options that you can use ( I like overriding sl/tp & waitforsltp & Time filter ) , also I like the different risk management options. I recommend this product.
Luciano Kruel
Uruguaiana, Brazil,
Nov 9, 2016,
Registered user

LTC Copier is the best,

The LTC Copier is fantastic. Very fast!
I strongly recommend to all trader who wish to copy to agressive accounts.
Nov 9, 2016,
Registered user

simple and creative

Good solutions for mt4 coping and with many creative options , i tried the local copier , also every step are explained by videos.
also good support
valerio magrini
Nov 9, 2016,
Registered user

not to be missed

excellent product: I LTC with unlimited clients and masters.impeccable service, upgrsdin easy and free. Helpdesk efficient .Suggested to whom has several accounts and EA
Dutch Trader
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Nov 9, 2016,

I am a big fan of the software from this compagny ! The MT4Copier works very well.
Never had any problems. It is a very smart copy solution with a lot of options. I set the copier to only use a x amount of the trading account. In this way it is possible to savely merge multiple strategies to one trading account.

I highly recommend this compagny and all their software.
Dutch Trader.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 9, 2016,
Registered user

Excellent software, support and configuration options

Been using LTC for around three months in multiple live accounts and sandbox accounts. Works excellently and when I have "silly" questions, the developer supports and holds my hand very well. Recommended, very easy to use and a vast number of configuration options too.
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