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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS
Rimantas Petrauskas
Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What is MT4 Copier?

MT4 Copier is a software company that develops a copy trading software called Local Trade Copier which can be installed on MT4 platform to make the chosen MT4 account a master account so that every trade placed on this master account will be mirrored to other clients accounts.

Please read MT4 Copier Reviews below and share your copy trading experiences with this software company.

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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of MT4 Copier

Zoltan K.
Budapest, Hungary,
Jun 15, 2014,

Local Trade Copier is a very well constructed professional trade copier software. It has many-many advanced features like trade shifting, external copy filters, etc. The reverse trade copy mode enables me to "rediscover" all my forex robots and to run interesting experiments with manual trades. The software is very well documented, after purchasing You will receive a web account as well where a knowledge base and a professional support desk is available. I'm intensively using this solution for more than 2 monthes and the software's run is very stable, reliable. For me this is THE trade copy solution and for the forthcoming year provides me possibility for endless creativity in the forex world.
Garry East
York, United Kingdom,
Jun 16, 2014,

I am a using of Rimantas’s Local trade Copier and have used it for about six months. Since using it I have had no problems and it has all worked perfectly and was very easy to set up with his auto installers as all I have had to do was put in a password and choose a lot size.

Previously I had tried several other trade copiers but all had time limited use and difficult control panels to handle. They were always sporadic on copying trades and proved very unreliable.

With the Local Trade Copier I have lifetime use of it and the support is great with any queries answered almost immediately, again with other copiers I could name the, support was non-existent and once paid, they ignore you.

The facilities to reverse trades and control all aspects of trading via lot size, risk etc is second to none and I now rely fully on Rimantas’s products and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who want a trade copier that actually works and maintains ongoing accuracy and reliability.

I cannot think of any negatives to mention in regard to Rimantas’s Local Trade Copier as it works for me and has solved all my trade copying problems.
thierry audibert
septemes, France,
Jun 16, 2014,

hello all,
i use the local trade copier from Mt4copier from one month now, very good product, quick, good setting, i use LTC manager , answer very quickly to my setting question.
if you need a good trade copier you can take a try. there are a trial version.
, United Kingdom,
Jun 17, 2014,

I have used the LTC Manager version and demo'd the VIP version. I'm very happy with it's performance so far and the amount of options and customization is great, actually a lot more than I plan on using. I'm interested in testing this out for scalping, so having low latency is a must. The manager version has 400ms trade copy time and VIP has as low as 100ms. I'll be using it on a number of MT4's all on one VPS close to my trade servers to see how it performs for scalping and will post my findings here later. The website says that latency is mostly from broker server execution delays so I'll see if the VPS trick works. So far for normal trading it's been great and the website support answered all my questions.
NRW, Germany,
Jun 17, 2014,

I was searching for a good trade copy system for quite a long time, when I found this one in the internet by accident :)
I was working with it on a demo account at first . Now I will start with it on a life account to copy trades for some family accounts.
It is very easy to use and the instructions are easy to read and follow. anyway you should be able to understand english. There is no translation in German or other languages as far as I know.
The service is absolutely ok and really trustfull. If there are questions , Rimantas will answer them immediately. Anyway till now I didn`t need a lot of help, because the system is really easy to install and manage. May be that for the LTC VIP Version I will need some help, because it is a little more complex.
In my opinion there are not many companies around you can trust, because very often nobody knows the person behind the offer. In this case there is a real person, not only a name...Rimantas Petrauskas ... an experienced trader and programmer who even wrote a helpful book about forex business.
so if anyone needs a trade copy system this one will do fine!!!
Diego P.
Geneva, Switzerland,
Jun 24, 2014,

Excellent copier software and RELIABLE. Maybe a bit more expensive than the others but well worth the extra cash..

2014-06-22 No RatingI have tested a few local trade copiers, but this one is the most stable and reliable. You need to configure it carefully though.
Károly Végvári
Budapest, Hungary,
Jul 5, 2014,

I use the LTC software about 1 month, and very reliable (it make some profit for me:) They give with a software a very detailed user manual, so easy to install and set up. (It need, because the EA a little bit too complex) And the best test you can try the trial verson for 1 month - its enough time to try how good this software. So I can recomend tihis software honestly. Good luck for copying trades.
Peter Kolev
, USA,
Jul 25, 2014,

I have been using LTC for little over a month now and experimenting a lot with copying to three different slave accounts - both manual and EA trading.
With manual trading on the Master I never had a missed copy.
With trades generated by my EAs I had some problems at the beginning, until I figured what was the reason. It turns out that If I recompile my EA so I can add a comment on my chart, for example, the master LTC EA stops communicating (the "server send" number stops growing), however the smiley face keeps smiling and I thought it was still working. So now, when I need to update some of my EAs, I reinstall the master LTC afterwards and everything runs fine.
For the last two weeks I haven't touched anything on one of the masters and it hasn't missed a trade there.
I can't say that this is a problem with the software, as it may be a safety feature, but I want to point it out because I didn't see it mentioned in the instructions.
I do recommend it as an excellent value for the money.
Singapore, Singapore,
Aug 4, 2014,

The LTC is a good product that copies trade reliably. It is light and fast. It also has many features. There are some quarks that are pointed out by some reviewers but it is just something we need to get used to as almost all software will have their quarks. For professional use, it will be good to have 24x7 support. Probably don't mind paying a nominal fee for each emergency call outside of normal hours if we can get immediate 24x7 support because on live trading, we sometimes need urgent answers. Also it will be useful to expand the Troubleshooting section in the manual e.g. when master is down and need reinstallation. On the whole, it is an excellent product.
Junaid Shaffy
Khobar, Saudi Arabia,
Aug 10, 2014,

i was using some of the free trade copier available in different forums out there. it was ok for me at the beginning when my requirement were basic. later i started searching for something with extra functionality and ended up trying LTC. i would say its helping me a lot with my experimentation with different strategy and multiple accounts. its a bit expensive for small time trader but shoot a mail to Rimantas, he has this habit of shocking you with his generosity ;-)
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