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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS
Rimantas Petrauskas
Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What is MT4 Copier?

MT4 Copier is a software company that develops a copy trading software called Local Trade Copier which can be installed on MT4 platform to make the chosen MT4 account a master account so that every trade placed on this master account will be mirrored to other clients accounts.

Please read MT4 Copier Reviews below and share your copy trading experiences with this software company.

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4.923 • 63 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of MT4 Copier

Roswitha Habets
, Netherlands,
Nov 27, 2014,

I am testing LTC manager for two weeks now and I must say that it surprised me with various of options and settings which allows you to fine tune. I really can recommend it for professional use. Its easy to set up, and the manual is very detailed and easy to follow. Once installed, it executes orders fast and does its job very well. Rimantas is the real deal!
Dec 8, 2016,
Registered user

I've been testing this EA for a couple of months now and I'm completely satisfied.

A lot of costumization available, but also very simple to use at the same time.
Gordon M
Scotland, United Kingdom,
Jan 10, 2015,

I have been looking for a solution to a trade copying problem I have had for many months now. I have tried a number of copiers both free and paid for and to-date haven't really found anything that fulfilled my needs. Trades were missed or slave trades remained opened even after master trade had been closed. I had looked at the copier offered by along with several others which had been receiving good reports in various forums etc. However, just before Christmas, I bought Rimantas Petrauskas book from Amazon. Thereafter, I started using his Local Trade Copier and to date "it does everything it says on the tin." I haven't given it a rating at the moment because it is far too early to comment, although I must say there is nothing to fault it. I will regularly up date my review on an ongoing basis and look forward to being able to give a 5 start rating.
Diego P.
Geneva, Switzerland,
Jun 24, 2014,

Excellent copier software and RELIABLE. Maybe a bit more expensive than the others but well worth the extra cash..

2014-06-22 No RatingI have tested a few local trade copiers, but this one is the most stable and reliable. You need to configure it carefully though.
Károly Végvári
Budapest, Hungary,
Jul 5, 2014,

I use the LTC software about 1 month, and very reliable (it make some profit for me:) They give with a software a very detailed user manual, so easy to install and set up. (It need, because the EA a little bit too complex) And the best test you can try the trial verson for 1 month - its enough time to try how good this software. So I can recomend tihis software honestly. Good luck for copying trades.
sajjad khan sun
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Mar 31, 2016,

I just started working with this software from today but already I became fan of it. Excellent performance plus very fast execution. Also I can set different lot size in client accounts and have lots of options. Simply wow!! great job done by the developer.
Junaid Shaffy
Khobar, Saudi Arabia,
Aug 10, 2014,

i was using some of the free trade copier available in different forums out there. it was ok for me at the beginning when my requirement were basic. later i started searching for something with extra functionality and ended up trying LTC. i would say its helping me a lot with my experimentation with different strategy and multiple accounts. its a bit expensive for small time trader but shoot a mail to Rimantas, he has this habit of shocking you with his generosity ;-)
SG, Singapore,
Jan 11, 2015,

Easy to setup, comes with manual and lots of help from Rimantas himself. The number of available setting will amaze you, for all level of mirror copier :)
Andrei D
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 9, 2016,

Works as intended, read the docs first

I've had a good run with the software. You need to read a bit about setting it up and it did report my license key is invalid about once a week, otherwise it would have been a solid 5 stars from me.
Peter Kolev
, USA,
Jul 25, 2014,

I have been using LTC for little over a month now and experimenting a lot with copying to three different slave accounts - both manual and EA trading.
With manual trading on the Master I never had a missed copy.
With trades generated by my EAs I had some problems at the beginning, until I figured what was the reason. It turns out that If I recompile my EA so I can add a comment on my chart, for example, the master LTC EA stops communicating (the "server send" number stops growing), however the smiley face keeps smiling and I thought it was still working. So now, when I need to update some of my EAs, I reinstall the master LTC afterwards and everything runs fine.
For the last two weeks I haven't touched anything on one of the masters and it hasn't missed a trade there.
I can't say that this is a problem with the software, as it may be a safety feature, but I want to point it out because I didn't see it mentioned in the instructions.
I do recommend it as an excellent value for the money.
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