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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
4.667 · 6 REVIEWS
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4.667 · 6 REVIEWS
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Jun 11, 2010,

Really happy with them - helpful on the phone and via chat and email, trading platform is stable, spreads and fills are usually good.

Definitely recommend them !
May 12, 2010,

Proper broker with actual knowledge of the markets - beyond FX. Really surprised how good they were compared with another online broker - whihc specialises in options. Good friendly service...
Jun 4, 2008,

Yep this one is good- only trade a little bit of fx myself- mainly trade index futures and CFDs - tried a bit of oil today - made a couple of quid!, but anyway getting into fx a bit more now and their 'Smart' platform is pretty damm good - easy to use, has forex boards which is quite useful. my account manager helpful and knows what he is doing, as opposed to some other accounts I have had (and still have!)with other bucket shop brokers. - they alos have done trading seminar in past which are actaully helpful and don't try and rem things down your throat - i will mention no names..!

Now real problems - one tip though - just make sure you get different currency accounts setup and trade appropriately.

p.s. interesting name for the site!
Jun 2, 2008,

made nearly
Nov 8, 2007,

Bloody good SMART platform - good support as well - does forex as well as futures and cfds. You can try it free with live prices (www.sucdensmart.com).
Used them years ago but this new platform is 'the dogs'
Aug 22, 2007,

I've used Sucden only for trading of commodity futures. They offer access to a good range of exchanges. I've only used phone trading. Their electronic trading platform was pretty rudimentary a few years ago when I had a look at it. They've recently beefed it up, and are promoting it strongly.

Phone support is good. Their account reports and backup is good. They provide some very useful analytical reports on a daily basis. (Some of these may be available even if you're not a client.)