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Updated: Nov 8, 2018
2.276 · 13 REVIEWS
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2.276 · 13 REVIEWS
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Steven Lee,
Melbourne, Australia,
Nov 6, 2018,

Do not use Fx Leader

Fx Leader is a scam do not use do not get sucked in
You will never get your money back
They are very smooth operators to cheat you out of your money
South Africa,
Oct 11, 2018,
Registered user

Terrible signals, bad customer support. You have been warned!

I stumbled upon FX leaders while searching for a good signals subscription. I looked at their website and searched up some reviewsof them ...some positive and some negative, so I decided I will give them a try (even though they did not give past signals performances - RED FLAGS HERE) . I subscribed to their premium service which you can only purchase as a 1year bundle costing around $160. Literally within the first day of following there signals I was down $1500...I messaged their support to try to cancel my subscription and get a refund and they point blank refused...terrible customer support. You have been warned!
Cairns, Australia,
Dec 29, 2017,
Registered user

Disappointingly poor customer service

Disappointing service paid for full years signal service after 1 week received nothing and absolutely no response from my various emails. Smells of scam, dont understand why communication can be so poor? Now lodged dispute with CC Provider and Paypal, BE careful with this provider
Kuwait, Kuwait,
Sep 6, 2017,
Registered user

FxLeaders are the best signal providers out there

I really wonder why the negative reviews and the overall rating for FxLeaders. I personally have been following them for the past 2 years, yes they had bad Risk/reward ratio but once they made the update now it varies from 1:1 to 1:2. They have more profitable trades than losing.

In addition they added the trading fee section under the signals explaining why they took the entry and what they are expecting. Regardless of being free ainals people here just keep complaining. Learn forex see what these people do and than give a feedback. I personally rely on FPA reviews before I try anything and I noticed their are people leaving bad reviews just because they can.

Thank god FPA are able to control the feedbacks given.

From my personal opinion and as an experienced trader i take 2 of their signals per day and 80% they win. U can barely see 4-5 consecutive loses. They have their 2016 statment on their page so you can check it. For me FXleaders are the most reliable forex signals out their and they do tell you to use their signals to help you confirm your analysis (as support) but I take enter their signals blindly. I know their win ratio and I know how experienced they are. I was a premium member which makes a big difference and I will renew my membership.

Try it yourself and be patient, read their analysis and stay updated you will understand why they enter their trades.
India, India,
Aug 10, 2017,

Not good in Indices & Commdities.

Hello Guys,

I am FX Trader does trading on self-analysis, from past one week I have been following FXmarket leaders( Signal Provider ). I have experienced that they r not good for Indices & Commodities. With currencies, you can expect 1 SL out of 4.
Sir Anthony,
UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 14, 2017,
Registered user

very good, possibly the one I use the most.

I'm surprised to see some negative reviews on this service, I can only assume those giving these reviews don't read the Blogs or understand how the service works. I've been using this for over 1 year now, I haven't upgraded to pay for the signal as I don't feel I need to. I understand the trades and that a standard short term trade is usually entered aiming for either +25 with a S/L of -40. The R/R is generally low.

What you do have to do is read the blog and results that get posted up regularly and then you will understand how this site operates and how the traders work out their trades.

The other thing is to truly measure the service you have to use it for a sustained period of time as any trader can have a bad week, and if you judge on that only then you will indeed have a negative view.

I generally find this an excellent service, it is free and I have made money on it, I would urge people to read the information and not give up just because the first couple of trades might go against you. Also do not allow yourself to set large numbersof GBP per point as if the first couple of trades do go against you you've lost a lot of money. In fact use a demo account for the first week or two.

Having seen and rejected quite a few signal providers this one is generally in my view one of the fairest and best and I would happy to speak with anyone via email about this service.
essex, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2017,

Basic Trading

Just came across these amateurs. Basic trading is all about risk/Reward. They fall at the first fence. Forget it!
Uddel, Netherlands,
Nov 29, 2016,
Registered user

Can't communicate

After paying a premium account, they don't activate sms-signals and ignores your mails with the question to activate. Very frustrating.
Letticia ,
South Africa,
Oct 3, 2016,

Fx is amazing

I have used fx free signals for months now and never lost a trade . If u are bad commenting then you the armature. The market is unpredictably. For real.
, USA,
Apr 19, 2016,

Their signals are not bad but the thing is that I didn't receive any signals via email after I paid for the first package. Its as if you get the same service for the free version. This is how my experience has been with them so far. I am not sure if it has been any different for anyone else.