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CapitalTrustMarkets.com (Reza Mokhtarian) Review

Updated: Oct 29, 2018
3.122 · 50 REVIEWS
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September 2016:  The Ontario Securities Commission has charged Reza Mokhtarian with criminal fraud. CLICK HERE to verify.  You may also CLICK HERE to read more about this at the FPA.


February 2016:  Based on 4 FPA Traders Court guilty votes as well as the wide assortment of threats Reza has made against the FPA and its employees, the FPA now considers Capital Trust Markets to be a scam and Reza Mokhtarian to be a scammer.

The FPA strongly recommends against doing business with any company associated with CTM or Reza Mohktarian.


April 2015: Reza Mokhtarian, CEO of CapitalTrustMarkets, wants to control which reviews are allowed on this page. When he was told he would not be getting any special treatment, part of his reply was...

I am asking you very kindly, remove CapitalTrustMarkets as a company you review from your site, I do not want it there and do not give you permission to review me. If you choose to keep it there I will create 100 sites, SEO them with power beyond power and have my 5,000,000 global followers each create review sites and blogs and do exactly what you are doing to me. This industry is a nasty industry and for that reason I have given to company to someone else, I am tired of everyone including people like yourself, don't think I don't know what your real name is, don't think I can't pull FPA's database right off your servers, I have chosen not to.

This is just one of several threats he made againts the FPA.  Later, he threatened to hire a hacker group.   CLICK HERE to see more of Reza Mokhtarian's threats.

Considering the repeated threats against the FPA and its employees, the FPA recommends
against doing business wth CapitalTrustMarkets and any company related to Reza Mokhtarian.

ATTENTION EVIL SUPERHACKERS!  Reza Mokhtarian, CEO of Capital Trust Markets, claims that he "accidentally" inspired you to find all information on FPA employees and to take the FPA's database.  He tells the FPA that the website will be destroyed and the lives of the employees are at risk, unless all mentions of Reza Mokhtarian and Capital Trust Markets (CTM) are removed from the FPA's website.

The FPA invites the evil superhackers to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.  Please select General Questions.  If you are real and are not a figment of Reza Mokhtarian's imagination, we're sure you'll be happy to prove your skills by getting in touch and answering a few simple questions.

NOTE: According to THIS LINK, "The Registrar has commenced action to deregister this Financial Service Provider under section 18(1) of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008".  Deregistration from the Financial Services Provider registry was initiated on April 16, 2015.

NOTE 2: May 3, 2015.  CapitalTrustMarkets has provided the FPA with what is claimed to be a copy of an application to join the NZ FSCL.  If the application is approved, it should resolve the issue in note 1.  The CEO of Capital Trust Markets tells the FPA he anticipates the acceptance of this application very soon.

It appears Reza provided false information to the FPA about this...

NOTE 3:  May 15, 2015:  "The Registrar gives notice that this Financial Service Provider was de-registered under section 18(1) of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 on 15/05/2015"  CLICK HERE to confirm.


SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL CLIENTS OF CAPITAL TRUST MARKETS:  If you cannot withdraw your funds, the FPA recommends you file complaints with the authorities.  Places clients can complain to include...

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 

The Canadian Revenue Agency 


The New Zealand Serious Fraud Office


UK Clients may also complaint to Action Fraud.

US Clients may also complain to the CFTC.


May 2015:  There is now an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA considers this to be another reason for clients to test their ability to withdraw money from Capital Trust Markets.

August 2015:  There is a second FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  Until these issues are resolved, the FPA recommends against doing business with CapitalTrustMarkets.

February 2016:  There are two more FPA Traders Court guilty against this company.  The FPA recommends against doing business with Capital Trust Markets or any company associated with it unless all of these issues are resolved.

Reza Mohktarian continues to run MentorTips.com  The only good news in this mess is that Capital Trust Markets seems to be out of business.

CapitalTrustMarkets.com (Reza Mokhtarian)

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2016-0172016-01-14jorgefx111 vs capitaltrustmarkets.comguilty
2016-0152016-01-12adeel vs www.capitaltrustmarkets.comguilty
2015-1202015-07-20Alfred.B vs capitaltrustmarkets.comguilty
2015-0822015-05-18jeff_calgary vs capitaltrustmarkets.comguilty


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3.122 · 50 REVIEWS
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pakistan, Pakistan,
Feb 23, 2016,

hi, my name is adnan i had a withdraw pending in CTM of 4000$ , its almost one year now, i tried my best but i could not get any response from reza, last week reza whatsapp me and he said i want to give your funds , today he send me half of my funds and he said i will send remaining soon, and most important thing he is willing to give everyone money back..this is what he told me , now he said to me this wekend he wants to do a webinar , and want to discuss whole situation , i think he really wants to give people's funds back. soeveryone who had withdrawal pending , should contact me or him, because he is in my contact now..contact me for his webinar which he wants to do with all ctm clinets who had withdrawal pending my email id aadnan9891@yahoo.com
one more thing i am not his employe or anything , i am just a trader and i am writing this because i want to tell everyone that he has started giving withdrawal, this should be in everyone CTM victom's notice , so they can get there funds back ..my email is aadnan9891@yahoo.com
i have proof he has send my funds through his mentortips account

pakistan, Pakistan,
Jan 11, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court adeel vs www.capitaltrustmarkets.com | GUILTY
I am syed, victim of fraud and scam by Capital Trust Markets whose owner Mr.Reza Mokhtarian is now a famous global fraud person, I have been going through many forums where I found about his scams and fraud to people globally in terms of money people invested for trading purpose in Capital Markets through Reza brokerage name Capital Trust Markets, I am also one of the victim who has been scammed by Reza Mokhtarian for over 100K USD, this money includes me and my investors funds which we deposited for trading purpose in capital markets, Mr.Reza shutdown his brokerage and ran away with our money and now my investors are on my head for their money, I have all the supporting details with me for my trading accounts and the funds deposited, I would do all it takes to get my money back from REZA(Mr. Fraud/Scammer) and I will not sit and let him enjoy my and other people money. I am sure no one of us deposited funds for Reza to enjoy his life and me and other live our rest of life in Pain, I wrote on previous forums that I will commit suicide as the situation I am facing from my investors is very dangerous for me and my family, Now I am into discussions with people who have been scammed by Reza as they are facing the same issues, and we all are committed to get justice for us and cannot leave Reza to enjoy our money.
Moreover, Reza has done Identity fraud under my name for which I am in coordination to authorities for his cyber crime act.
I am committed to get my money back and as per the law I will do whatever it takes to get my money back.
My skype: adeel000999

Kyiv, Ukraine,
Jan 6, 2016,

I'm a US citizen living in Ukraine and have a client account with Capital Trust Markets. In late February 2015 I opened a trading account and soon after tried to withdraw my deposited funds in May 2015 when the chart data feed became erratic. The director, Reza Mokhtarian, asked all clients to be patient while CTM was re-organized and the services of the current ombudsman were transferred to another agency responsible for financial oversight. Soon after this he secretly de-registered the business in New Zealand, and efforts to communicate with the CTM office or the director became difficult then impossible.

My request to transfer out all funds sat in hold status, in my web account, until the website was shut down and went offline. I had no previous dispute about trading profits or losses, which would explain the failure to return my funds. My initial deposit, minus some small losses, was never returned to me.

When current government investigations are complete, this broker, Capital Trust Markets, will go down as one of the most egregious offenders of client trust in the spot Forex community. If you study the financial maneuvers of the director you will a classic example of fraud.

For new Forex traders please benefit from my experience and do three things; a.) never deposit your Forex account funds in a broker's bank account not located in the same country as the the registration of the company, b.) avoid all brokerage firms in New Zealand. I found the government oversight agencies to be unwilling to take responsibility for the financial fraud perpetrated by a broker registered in their country., c.) avoid any current or future business relationships with Mr. Reza Mokhtarian.

For the reasons stated above I would give the lowest possible rating to Capital Trust Markets and its director, and vote "Guilty" of fraudulent brokerage activity.
Visiting California, Canada,
Nov 23, 2015,

For anyone contemplating the new capitaltrustmarkets.biz be aware Reza Moktharian is behind it and you will lose your money. There are plenty of great FX brokers and trading services you don't need to risk your money with this scumbag.

2015-05-05 5 Stars I have been a live account holder at CTM for over a year and have never had a problem. Aside from the recent server issues which has been rectified everything has been fine. Customer service was always great to me. I contacted the owner of CTM and spoke with him and I feel quite confident continuing with CTM. I believe they really want the best for their clients.To be honest I can't quite figure out why people are having problems.

Review Moderation Note: The FPA also cannot figure out why Capital Trust Markets is delaying payments to several traders. Reza Mokhtarian promised to pay each of them.

2014-04-22 5 Stars After you've traded for a few years you'll learn that finding a good FX broker is actually more difficult than learning to trade. I used to think that if I had enough money the only way I would have what I'm looking for in a broker would be to start my own. The brokers I've been with only have some of what I want. I could never find one that has everything I want. And I what I want is what every trader needs and wants. And if your a new trader its what you will want too !
All I want is really low spreads and commissions so if I want to scalp 5-10 pips while I'm waiting for a swing I can, and have a few pips left over. It sucks to break even or end up in the negative because the spreads widened and my entry was slipped etc.

I also want a real ECN broker without an MT4 dealer plug-in. Most brokers I've been with do and really are not true ECN. They find sneaky ways to be on the other side of your trade. This was disturbing news for me when I found out because not trusting my broker is stressful. I've had accounts with FXCM, IBFX, Pepperstone, GoMarkets, ICMarkets, FXOpen Alpari, MBTrading and I left them all for various reasons. I will say if I was happy with any one of them I would have stayed.
The other things I want in a broker are fast, friendly customer service, quick deposits, quicker withdrawl's and not some story about why the transfer is taking so long. Also I want a deep liquidity pool of banking partners for the best bids and offers and I want to know who they are.
I want really fast execution, no slippage, no stop hunting, I want a 5pm open for the daily candle to be in line withe the NY markets like the Smart Money is.
I want the ability to trade oil and some indices and metals too. I want some real honesty and integrity so I can sleep at night or relax over the weekend with open positions that will still be open on Monday.
I want my money in a segregated account in a AAA institution so if they go bust I still have my funds and to be regulated by in a stable country. My money after all is important to me. It's why I trade all day and late into the night. So I can have more and not have it scammed from me, which has happened too many times in too many ways.
To make a long story longer I'm finally happy to say I found everything I wanted. I have stopped looking for what I want in a broker because I found it ALL at CapitalTrustMarkets.
I'm writing this review, (and this is the first positive review I have ever written) because this firm has it all and I'm excited to say it is run by real traders who know what a trader needs and wants. I know this because I have spoken to them and believe they know trading.
They get 5 stars from me and I believe they are the future of FX trading. They are on top of where the industry is going and as a trader I want to be there with them. And you should too for all the reasons I've mentioned.
, Romania,
Jul 28, 2015,

This is the first time for me to be exposed to this type of risk in Forex business.

I tried to use two options from those listed in this thread in order to recover my stolen money ( 200 USD ): Serious Fraud Office - NZ, and Financial Ombudsman - UK.

SFO answered something like this:

"The SFO has evaluated complaints against Capital Trust Markets Limited (now trading as CTM Group Limited) and the file has been closed. As the information you have provided does not present any new factual material the file will remain closed.

The SFO is permitted by law to investigate only those matters where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence involving serious or complex fraud may have been committed within New Zealand jurisdiction. Based on the information provided, the SFO has determined that no such offending has taken place in this instance. "

I think this means that the fraud served by Capital Trust Markets doesn't have a minimum level of complexity and gravity requested by SFO and is, consequently, ignored. Even in this case, I expected that SFO can forward me to other organization which deals with such "cheap" cases within NZ, but unfortunately there is nothing like this in their answer.

Financial Ombudsman answered something like this:

"We can only deal with complaints about services provided from within the UK. Although the company are UK based, they do not conduct any activity within the UK."

So, no success until now. If anybody else found something better, leave here some words.

Lessons learned ( I payed 200 USD for them, I write it here maybe is useful to someone else ) which can help for a good StopLoss value for this type of risk:
- choose a broker only considering where is it registered, not by recommendations, feelings, marketing or spread size;
- before choosing a broker, make yourself as aware as possible of laws and institutions in that country where that broker activates and is registered;
- before choosing a broker, read carefully their template for a contract;
- before choosing a broker, test their support line. If the people from call center serve you with standard answers and doesn't show proficiency in their behavior, skip that broker.
- be also very aware of the time consumed by their support to solve your issues. If this time is bigger than their commitment about this, or if there isn't any commitment about this, skip that broker.
- the first time deposit - no more than 200 USD. If you can double them by trading, withdraw the original amount. If the broker steal the money ( like Capital Trust Markets did ) and you don't recover them, you will lose a little, you can make them again.
- be aware of the marketing campaigns of your broker - an aggressive one can be sign of something nasty behind.
Ryan Girard,
New Hampshire, USA,
Jul 25, 2015,

Everything was going great until their terminal stopped working. I requested a withdrawal after repeated attempts to contact support. Now their backend website is offline, and $12,512 of my trading capital has vanished. I worked my butt off to become sucessful just like every other trader, and now i get robbed by a s*** broker? just terrible, do not trust this broker - they will take your funds and disappear.
Austria, Austria,
Jun 29, 2015,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Alfred.B vs capitaltrustmarkets.com | GUILTY
Important Update, Since Saturday the website have been offline!!Most probably I will not get back my money. (4220 USD).

But for all other clients who couldn't withdraw the money there is maybe one chance. Last week I made an complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service UK, since this company claims to be registered in UK. The FOS is very strong and maybe if there a lot of complaints, we have a short chance to get back our money., because they take it more serious!!! They already know the registration number of Capital Trust Markets from my complaint, you can add that you read that there are already complaints with this company.
This is the link of the FOS, it is very easy and fast to fill out: https://help.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/help

2015-06-03 1 Star The biggest scam broker in this world!

Obviously,there are a lot of clients which have been scammed by this broker. I have also been waiting for my withdrawal but I get no answer and no money from this thief,too.This company doesn't pay my withdrawal of 4200 USD!!!!

2015-02-12 5 Stars Capital Trust Markets resolved my problem and paid the whole amount of my withdrawal. I also spoke with the boss which explained me clearly that they had problems with Skrill.
It is a honest broker which just had some problems, at the end they proved that they are great broker.

2015-02-04 1 Star Big scam broker!!
I requested my withdrawal of 4200 Euro three month sago, and so far I haven't got my money. They always say the same, we will do it and I have not to worry.
But obviously for this broker it is normal not to pay you can see at the bottom a 1 star review with the same problem!
And two reviews have changed there one star into a five star review, but in fact, you can read that they have also the same problem with there withdrawals.
This broker doesn't care about your withdrawals, therefore if you don't want to wait for your withdrawal 3 months or more, then don't go with this broker!!!!
Jun 21, 2015,

Last year on Sept 2014 i've been trying to get my money from CTM. I wish there are still something we can do to get my money back. USD2500 is not small amount for someone live in Malaysia. It's a year of saving.
Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Jun 19, 2015,

I can not WD my money now for over 3 weeks. No responce on emails or in trading cabinet and MT4 account is not valid!

STAY AWAY from them!!
I prefer not to disclose as the owner keeps threatening about personal info and all,
Not important , Canada,
Jun 5, 2015,

I had fallen sick a month ago so I didn't really get a chance to see what was happening with CTM, although I always had some doubts about the broker. I tried to withdraw my funds recently, and had sent two emails to the admin but there was no reply beginning of this. After my second email, when i logged into my account, i started seeing a notification saying the following:

Dear Valued Clients,

We are sure that you are well aware the past couple days we had system issues and our
servers were down, please be advised that as of 12PM E.S.T. Friday all of CTM's trading
servers are not only back up but on new servers running better than ever. We want to
extend our deepest apologies to any clients affected by the down time and want clients
to rest assure that any losses incurred by clients during this down time will be
reimbursed by CTM into the clients trading accounts respectively. Please also be aware
that we have filed for a new dispute resolution scheme in New Zealand and will have
the status of our FSPR changed to active immediately, the current message on the NZ site
is a standard message that appears when a company changes or cancels their
dispute resolution scheme and as we had decided to change to a different insurance
provider this automated message appeared on the site, rest assured CTM is
in good standings and fully compliant with the FSPR. We have always been and
will always be here for our clients to give them the absolute best service possible.
Thank you for your continued loyal support.

CTM Team.

So its now 9 PM EST Friday, June 5 2015. and I still don't see MT4 working. I guess its safe to say that I have lost my funds to this company and have learned my lesson the hard way.