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Updated: Feb 21, 2019
1.792 · 117 REVIEWS
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Was at IGMarkets.com.  Other websites of this compay include IGForex.com and https://www.ig.com/au

IG is a forex broker. IG offers the WebTrader4 trading currency platforms. IG.com offers currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, gold, silver, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.792 · 117 REVIEWS
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Here, United Kingdom,
Dec 28, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid at all cost

i have had an account with IG for years but only started trading this year. More actively from April on MT4. At the beginning of this month I had been doing very very well and so I decided put more obey into my account. A lot more. A few days ago I had trades running the whole day into the night and the next morning I was trying to take my profits and close a few but I couldn’t. There was no option for me to modify or close trades, all I got was chart and cancel. I phoned them up and 3 times was asked to delete and download MT4 app to see if it works but no it wouldn’t work. Fro just after 12 noon until after 3pm this problem wasn’t resolved. Suddenly the trades were losing £300 and I called them up. I HONESTLY thought I was going to die from anxiety as the trades short up while watching and trying to get support to close the trades for me since I had no access to do it my end. First person told me they cannot access MT4 their side I would have to do it myself because they only have access to IG site not my MT4. Suddenly I got a call from a guy, (In South Africa), Inhad spoken to earlier that day about my login issues and he stated that “he hears I’ve issues closing my trades”. I was shocked 1. To get a call back 2. By him saying “he hears”. Well I was desperate and hysterically in tears to get the trades closed and by this time I am losing £700+ This guy offers to pass me onto someone who can close the trades for me on their end. (Remember, the other guy said they can’t do it!!!!!!?). I got passed onto a lady who closed the trades one at a time asking for my permission per trade before closing it. The next thing IG did was close my accounts and this has erased all the evidence but I fortunately have screenshots which I was sending for help to a signal group. I haven’t been able to sleep more than 4 hrs since this, and I don’t even know who to trust with these brokers. I have known IG since 2008. My first demo account was with them and a few brokers let me down but NO ONE could tell me anything bad about IG. Well this has drastically changed. Needless to say, as soon as all trades were closed, I IMMEDIATELY withdrew every single penny. I am still numb from this experience.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 21, 2018,

Rip off - don't use

Extortionate fees for smaller clients. After being a customer with IG for over 5 years, they've introduced a dormancy fee for not making any trades in a quarter. At £24, this isn't much. But having only bought £250 worth of shares, this will wipe them out in two and a bit years - and so makes it a totally losing proposition. I have deleted my account and will be writing bad reviews everywhere over the internet
Viet Nam,
Dec 19, 2018,
Registered user

IG Markets The King of Stop Hunting

Stop hunting at its finest.

I used a good technique to open and close my trades automatically by using pending orders. This worked for me 7\10 times and was a great tool to make positive gains.
However one day BOOM! it stopped working, EVERY pending order I placed lost.

- I would open four pending orders two bullish to bearish all in a tight proximity to where the current price level was at. This worked very well over a 60% win rate for a week.

- Next week same thing, bull or bear the trades would open, my stop loss triggered, and the position would return to normal.

After that:
- Re-quote all day long
- Spreads that would inflate
- Crazy high commissions for stock trades.

I have lost about $3,000 with them.

Here are the issues I noticed:
- Stop hunting. -INSANE SPREADS the spread is so high it is nearly impossible to make any profit in the Forex market.
- Customer service will not help you at all. They only pretend to go through the motions of providing support.
- Stops triggered even when the amount is no where near your stop loss level.

This scam dealer just had their trash app removed from the Apple App store. So this shows you that their days are coming to and end.
Netherlands, Netherlands,
Nov 20, 2018,

Stop loss hunters

Stop loss hunters and a lot of other stuff which let you lose your money. Search for another broker which can be trusted
sweden, Sweden,
Sep 14, 2018,
Registered user

IG is professional

I think IG does a good job as far as peoples money is concerned.
Just read all info about them before you start.
I lost a lot with them but because of my bad money management.
Whenever I ask for a money transfer, it is done in 3 days
Jun 27, 2018,

Have 20.000€ or go away

You need more than 20.000€ to trade.
I was refected and can apply again if my savings or annual income will exceed 20.000 €. As proof I may need job contract or bank statement to prove I have these money
United Kingdom,
Apr 6, 2018,

IG triggers stop loss early

IG steals money by triggering your stoploss over night way before it's reached. Overnight "would-be-winning" trades gets closed 10 pips before my actual stoploss. I let it go when it happened few times but now I have to go elsewhere. This is unacceptable.
United Arab Emirates,
Mar 3, 2018,

Pathetic broker, with huge slippages and gaps..a modern day con artists

I had a legitimate account with IG and feel cheated by them on a few accounts:
1. Huge slippage - I had kept a 15 pip STop Loss order with them for 3 mini contracts, exposing only 45USd. However within a minute, I saw I had a loss of over 200 USD. There was a slippage of about 60 Pips on a regularly traded currency pair such as cable (GBP/ USD). It happened once, then twice and then again and I was forced to close my account
2.Incorrect entries - Near news, they have massive spreads, making trading a definute loss when dealing with them.Again in GBP/ USD, around time of market news, I have had trades getting executed at gaps of over 6.3 pips between my pending order and market price. Even wNathanhen you complain They simply say there was market noise and do not act.
On top of it they have pathetic and arrogant customer service. Its a definite no no and a broker you dont want to deal with as they wil cut you every possible way.
Feb 24, 2018,
Registered user

Don't Infringe on my rights

Something weird about IG.com. I haven't registered with them in any way but somehow they got my contact details from merely glancing at their site. I took no more than 5 minutes reading an article on their site and suddenly thirty minutes later a woman from the company called me up asking for my trading preferences. Naturally, I just led her on but since then, I had to red flag the company for simply infringing on my privacy. I find their behavior unethical and thus would urge anyone to really research the company very well before committing to a path you will regret later.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 16, 2018,

Terrible verification process and customer service.

I gave up before I even started trading. Made a complain to point out the flows of their KYC and verification process although I do not think they'll do anything about it as they do not appear to be a customer oriented organization.

Stay away and go with another provider is my advice.